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What is Vision Correction Surgery?
 Vision correction surgery, LASIK, is an operation aimed at correcting some eye defects known as laser eye drawing among the people. Corneal tissue is touched with laser technology in Lasik treatment, which is especially focused on refractive problems such as astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia.

Everything You Need To Know About Vision Correction Surgery

Before vision correction surgery, if the patient is using soft contact lenses, 1 week before surgery, and if using hard lenses, they are told to stop using lenses 2 weeks before laser eye surgery.

 On the day of vision correction surgery, the patient should come to the hospital without makeup. Vision correction surgery is performed not under general anesthesia, but by pouring anesthetic drops into the eye, there is no problem in eating beforehand.

Vision correction surgery is a painless operation, the patient can only feel a slight pressure. First one eye, then the other eye. After the eye is anesthetized with eye drops, the entire eye area is disinfected, the face area is covered with a sterile cover where only the eyes are open. In order to keep the eyes open during laser application, the eyelids are opened and held with an eye-compatible instrument. With a device called microkeratome, the cornea is removed as a flap, that is, a thin cover. Laser operation is performed and the removed flap is closed again. After the antibiotic drops are applied to the eye, the same procedures are repeated in the other eye and the laser operation is completed. The total duration of laser surgery on the eye is about 15 minutes.
Complaints such as pain, blurred vision, stinging and watering may occur in the eyes after vision correction surgery, but it passes in 4-5 hours on average. Your doctor will prescribe some eye medication and you can leave the hospital. The day after the operation, you are likely to have Month 1 and Month 3 control. There is a very comfortable healing process, most patients achieve a clear image within 1-2 days.
To find out if vision correction surgery is right for you, you should have a thorough eye exam. Patients over the age of 18 and who have not improved or regressed eye numbers in the last 1 year may consider vision correction surgery. The ophthalmologist will decide on your surgery by looking at the thickness, curvature of the cornea and other eye details during the examination.
Those with genetic keratoconus corneal dystrophy, those whose corneal thickness is not thick enough for laser eye surgery, those who have excessive dry eye, glaucoma, eye pressure cannot be laser eye treatment. It is not applied in cases such as pregnancy, breastfeeding period, uncontrolled diabetes.

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