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What is Skin Care?

Skin care is an application that is performed to reduce the negative effects of environmental factors (such as air pollution, sun), age and aging, stress, use of mimic, eating and habits, and to feed the skin positively while purifying the skin.

As a result of the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers, which are considered as the building blocks of the skin, due to the negative effects mentioned above and the decrease in the amount of hyaluronic acid due to this breakdown, problems such as aging of the skin, wrinkles and sagging, staining, drying, dull and lifeless appearance occur. Skin care is a set of procedures performed to minimize these problems.

Everything You Need to Know About Skin Care

Skin care prices vary greatly from clinic to clinic, depending on the location such as the province and district where the clinic is located. The most important factor affecting skin care prices is the variety of cosmetic products preferred during skin care. There are many different brands and skin care applications identified with those brands. Even if the skin care process steps are the same, the creams and serums used affect the price shaping.
An average skin care application costs a single session between 800 TL and 3000 TL.
Skin care is an application that is expected to be done regularly from the 20s. Cleansing of the skin is essential for both men and women of all ages.

Skin care applications are planned in line with the needs of the skin. With advancing age, skin care applications also differ. It is not necessary to have a problem with the skin to invest in skin care. Skin care is not a treatment, but an application that should be made a habit for care and cleaning.
Skincare especially;
  • Have acne problems,
  • Needing stain treatment,
  • Has skin aging problem (anti-aging application)
  • Skin discoloration (pigment difference)
  • Openings are observed in the pores,
It is an application that has effective results for people.
Skin care is planned individually according to the needs of the person, age and problems occurring in the skin structure. Generally, a Skin Care consists of the following stages;
  1. Skin Cleaning: Cleaning the skin with various tonics before application,
  2. Peeling: Generally fruit acid peeling method, opening the pores and purifying the skin from dead skin,

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  3. Steam Application: Cleansing the skin from toxins, opening the pores, cleaning the subcutaneous after the skin surface,
  4. Removal of Blackheads: Removal of blackheads and sebaceous glands from the softened skin surface with steam application, sometimes by squeezing and sometimes without squeezing,
  5. Disinfectant: Cleansing the skin with the help of special care products after the blackheads are inserted.
  6. High Frequency Application: It is a step that works with UV-C and is made to disinfect the ozone-based skin,

  1. Mask Application: A mask is applied to be determined in line with the needs of the skin structure. The mask applied provides the moisture balance of the skin, nourishes the skin, helps lighten spots and lines. The mask is chosen according to the skin type, the needs of the skin and the area to be applied. Mask application takes approximately 20 minutes.
  2. Mask Purification: At the end of the mask application, mask cleaning is done with moisturizing tonics,
  3. Use of Cream and Serum: According to the needs of the skin, cream or serum application such as anti-aging, collagen support, spot remover, solution to acne problem is applied.
  4. Massage and Moisturizing: Décolleté, neck and face massage are performed with moisturizers compatible with the skin structure of the person from mixed, oily, dry skin types.

Skin care applications are performed in an average of 60-90 minutes. Skin Care is recommended to be repeated in 1-1.5 months.

Cover of the body skin; It is heavily affected by negative factors such as UV rays, air pollution, chemical factors, makeup, cigarette smoke. While the traces of this effect appear with deformation on the surface of the skin, the body's nutrient depot, the lower layers of the skin get their share from this negative effect.

When the internal organs, which are fed from the subcutaneous stores where vitamins, minerals and beneficial elements are stored, cannot provide sufficient reserves from these stores, both the skin and the body lose one of their important defense points. For this very reason, it is important to perform the skin care application regularly.
Before and after skin care, it is important to take the necessary steps to protect the skin, paying attention to general cleaning and care rules in order to maintain the clean and purified state of the skin and to perform its duty until the next session.

Daily cleaning and care products compatible with your skin type should be used regularly in line with the recommendations of your dermatologist,

It is important to clean the skin with the help of a tonic every day and then moisturize it.

In order to be protected from the harmful effects of the sun and to prevent the damage caused by UV rays, a sunscreen that is compatible with your skin should be preferred or care should be taken that your daily care cream has UV protective properties.

During periods of hormone changes (pregnancy, adolescence…), it is important to continue the care and cleaning procedures appropriate to the changing skin structure, and the regular use of cream and care products related to the problem for oily and acne skin.

In all daily skin care applications, the skin should be subjected to a gentle cleansing and moisturizing process, and care should be taken to avoid applications that wear and tear the skin such as hard brushes, peeling every other day, and scrubbing.

A peeling and moisturizing mask can be applied at home once a week.

Written on 03/10/2017


Last Update: 22/04/2021

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