Everything You Need to Know About Rhinoplasty

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty (also known as Nose Job) is the name given for complete surgical operation to correct anatomical (structural) problems of the nose for aesthetic reasons and/or certain anomalies (innate structural defects).

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

Price of a Rhinoplasty depends on different factors like “surgery method, doctor who will operate the surgery, and facility”. You can check Rhinoplasty Prices to learn more about Rhinoplasty prices and factors that impact the price. 

How Is Rhinoplasty Operated?
How Is Rhinoplasty Operated?


There are 2 types of surgery technique which are open and closed. However, delivery and non-delivery methods are common in closed surgery.

Surgeries can take between 1.5-4 hours depending on operation type and content. Generally, these operations are made under anaesthesia. Depending on planned operation, local anaesthesia may be preferred for some cases.

           1- Closed Rhinoplasty Operation

Closed Rhinoplasty Operation

All cuts and procedures are made inside the nose without opening the nose. One of the biggest advantage of this deep rooted method is slight swelling and other complications after the surgery. This technique is an old technique dating back to the beginning of 1900s.

          2- Open Rhinoplasty Operation

Open Rhinoplasty Operation

In Open Rhinoplasty, nose skin is cut and opened to both sides. In this method, all structures forming the nose anatomy are visible. 

Compared to Closed Rhinoplasty, Open Rhinoplasty has higher degree of control.

Today there are also Rhinoplasty methods that do not use tampon application. Therefore, using tampon after nose aesthetic operation depends on preference of the doctor. 

What Should You Wait Before and After Rhinoplasty?
Everyone who decides to have the surgery are curious about what they should expect from before and after processes. To learn more about this process, you can check out Before and After Rhinoplasty, Celebrities and Men article.

How Soon Can You See Results of Rhinoplasty?

In almost all operations, dark circles under eyes, swelling, throat ache and throat dryness are common complaints.

To learn more about when you can see operation results and how long does recovery take, you can check Swelling and Recovery Process After Rhinoplasty article.

Recovery Process After Rhinoplasty

Recovery Process After Rhinoplasty

New form of your nose will be clear in 2nd week when the oedema, swelling, and dark circles begin to decreased.

The real and new look will start to show after 3rd month. To learn more about recovery process, you can check Swelling and Recovery Process After Rhinoplasty article.

After Rhinoplasty you need to rest for the first week. You need to follow all instructions of the doctor and be careful about your nose.

Is Rhinoplasty Operation Right for Me?

 Is Rhinoplasty Operation Right for Me?

         1- Rhinoplasty for aesthetic:

Rhinoplasty for aesthetic

This surgery is the right operation for people who have anatomical problems to the nose shape. These anatomical problems include:

  • Nasal Hump that looks like a hump

  • Oversize or extremely small nose structure

  • Hawk nose or Snub nose

  • Narrow, large, or asymmetrical nasal flaring

  • Expanding nasal bone

  • Narrrow nasal bone

  • Axial deviation that affects face axis, having a curved nose.

  • Hawk nose or Snub nose

  • Greek nose (non-curved transition between forehead and nose) Operation is made to form this curve.

          2- Rhinoplasty for Health:

Rhinoplasty for Health

An individual with defected nose structure and have low life quality due to this defect is an ideal candidate. These health problems include:

  • Concha Hypertrophy Total of 6 concha inside the health nose may excessively grow over time. This is a permanent problem and Rhinoplasty is necessary to correct this problem.

  • Bonding in nasal mucous (mucus inside the nose)

  • Nasal valve (breathing system) defects

  • Septum deviation (curved nasal bone)

  • Narrow or contracted nostrils

To read reviews of real patients who has Rhinoplasty, you can check Comments of People With Rhinoplasty: Who Are Happy? Who Regretted It? article.

Is Rhinoplasty Painful?

Is Rhinoplasty Painful?

Rhinoplasty is not a painful surgery. An individual can go back to his/her normal life one week after the aesthetic surgery. Mild pain during this week can be supressed with pain killers. 

What Is The Age Limit for Rhinoplasty?

What Is The Age Limit for Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is not recommended before 16 years old. If there is no serious problem in young people, depending on developmental process, age limit is 16-17 for women and 17-18 for men.

There is no upper limit unless there is other health problems preventing this operation.

What Is The Ideal Season for Rhinoplasty?

What Is The Ideal Season for Rhinoplasty?

Ideal season for Rhinoplasty is winter and spring. After the operation, the patient should stay away from sun.

Also, since using bandage and tampon, or increased air pressure with higher temperatures may cause problem during summer, summer months are not recommended for Rhinoplasty.

What Are Possible Side Effects of Rhinoplasty?

After Rhinoplasty surgeries, there may be health problems regarding aesthetic and life quality.

  • Bleeding,

  • Infection,

  • Hole in septum (nasal bone)

  • Nose dropping caused by excessive carving of nose back

  • Dryness in nose due to excessive reduction of concha or insufficient reduction of concha.

  • Dropping nose tip due to excess cartilage removal.

  • Feeling aesthetically unhappy about the results

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

Price of a Rhinoplasty depends on different factors like “surgery method, doctor who will do the nose surgery, and hospital”. You can check our Rhinoplasty Prices article to learn more about Rhinoplasty prices and factors that impact the price.