05 May 2021
1 year after treatment

Sibel Hanim made my hair transplant very meticulously.

First of all, I would like to point out that Ms. Sibel never left me alone, including the breaks, from the first minute to the last minute of October. Only 1 nurse helped her after the October. The transplantation process is not an easy process for both the contractor and the contractor. Sibel is very disciplined and punctual. He didn't let anyone into the room unless it was very urgent, he just focused on me. We started the operation at 07.30 in the morning, the graft collection process was completed at 12 o'clock and a meal break was given. After 3.5 hours of channel opening, the sowing process took almost 4 hours and the whole process was completed at around 21.30. It took exactly 1 hour for my forehead line to be determined. He looked at my old photos, gave ideas, took my ideas. While planning the plantation, he also examined his photos because the way I shed was similar to my father. The anesthetic needles shot before the operation hurts a little, but afterwards it is already numb. He counted one by one during the collection and channel opening process from the donor area, looking for a suitable place for 5 minutes for the remaining 20 grafts after the procedure. Sibel's husband and the doctor were with us throughout the procedure, and he even separated the grafts as single and double grafts. Sibel has worked with the same diligence until the last minute. Fortunately, I chose him.

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