30 April 2021
1 year after treatment

My hair transplant process with Hermest

I decided to have a hair transplant a long time ago. Before starting to do research, I determined what I expected from a clinic and conducted my research on them. While I was reviewing hair transplant clinics, I saw that the most expensive did not mean the best. When I went to Hermest for the first meeting, I met people who had a hair transplant there before and listened to their experiences. The frequency of the hair of the person who had hair transplantation, their attitudes aimed at informing me rather than convincing them, having many firsts and good comments, having not found any complaints about them, and the results of hair transplantation were effective in my decision to have hair transplantation at Hermest. I went to the clinic at 8 am on the day of my hair transplant. I had a blood test, and then we had a conversation with the hair transplant specialist about what awaits me. I liked this conversation very much because I was nervous before October. The hair transplant process took about 7-8 hours, but after the procedure was over, I easily returned to my home. I was also very curious about what people around me would react to after having a hair transplant. Everyone liked it very much, even my wife, who says to have a hair transplant, says it's good that you have it done now.

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halkan 30 April 2021  

Very good result in my opinion