29 April 2021
4 months after treatment

I decided hard to have a hair transplant, but I'm glad I got it done.

For a long time I wanted to but did not dare, I researched a lot, but finally I decided to have a hair transplant. I went to Izmir from Antalya one day in advance for October, and the operation started at 7:30 in the morning and ended at 21:00 the next day. Sibel Hanım did all the steps together with herself and an assistant nurse. It was a process that was not easy for those who had a low pain threshold and hated needles like me, and it was a complete patience to stand face down on that stretcher for 12 hours, especially when the grafts were taken, and my wig was gone when the extremely bleeding operation was over. I could not sleep much with the travel pillow in the head constant air, for fear of damaging the planting area at night. The day after the operation, I went to the clinic, the doctor lady said that there was bleeding at a few points and she cleaned it with isotonic water and wrote plus one more antibiotic and told me to use 2 more. After removing the bandages on my head, I put on a bandana and returned to Antalya by plane in order to go home and rest more comfortably. On the 3rd day, I noticed that there was inflammation in my head with edema and swelling, an infection occurred. It was said that the antibiotics I used, that you should not worry about the clinic, will dry the inflammation in a short time, only the first wash will be done late. There were also black areas in the October region and the clinic was told that there was no necrotic condition, I went to the dermotologist twice, and he stated that there was no necrosis. After doing the first wash on the 10th day, most of the scabs were shed in the third wash, and the black areas were shed after a few days. Now I am very happy with my new look.

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Treatment Provider
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