30 April 2021

I Claim No Better Hair Transplant Results

As a citizen living abroad, I was worried and contacted a few hair transplant centers whatsap. Hermest, we cannot give a clear number on the phone, but it will be more than 3000 grafts and we will implant you maximum grafts, but they said there is a 2-session open. Although other hair transplant centers said they were cheaper and higher in grafts, Hermest came to me more honest. I had a hair transplant in December. Although I had a lot of hair opening, my expectation was high from the beginning and it was great with 5000 grafts. It was the result of a very tight hair transplant, and it will almost not be a comb. Since Hermest sows very often, they do it in 2 sessions and the others finish in 1 session. I owe a debt of thanks to the experts who performed my operation in the clinic in the clinic, which will be planted on the back of my head next year, and to the clinical staff who called me closely for a year after the operation and offered an immediate solution to the slightest problem. As a living witness that they are always behind the work they have done, I can easily recommend it to patients who want to have an operation. Thank you to all the hermest family for their interest and attention.

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