22 October 2020
1 month after treatment

Eyebrow suspension and almond eye

Dear Dr. Gökçe Haspolat; I am very happy to have chosen you. He is a doctor who does his job with such care and love and is also full of energy. With confidence and sincerity, he provided me with the appearance I wanted without the need for surgery, with the right guidance and correct application. As someone who had the procedure for the first time, I was afraid of the needle and how it will stop, and the procedure ended in 10 minutes with local anesthesia. Thanks to Ms. Gökçe for her interest and relevance. It is true that from now on I will only entrust my face to him. :)

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Gokce Haspolat, MD Medical Aesthetician Show Review
Review In a word, it creates wonders with small touches with its Magnificent application. I am very pleased with the Eyebrow suspension procedure that I have applied myself. Hide Review
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