08 February 2018
1 week after treatment

Excellent result with a fabulous experience!

I am writing this comment a bit early, but what I have experienced so far is that it is a positive experience. I've investigated the Abdominal Stretching operation for 10 months. I knew I had to come to the lowest weight. I had a very fat belly folded and stuck under my clothes.
After 17 years of diets that have caused me to lose weight continuously. I found Metin kerem. Then I went through a little closer to him and a few other doctors. Undoubtedly, it is difficult to evaluate a doctor from abroad.
I contacted the international patient coordinator. I sent her my photos and explained the changes I wanted to make and got a very detailed response and that's how our communication progressed.
As a perfectionist, I have communicated with the patient coordinator for months. Dr. I felt a little more confident with every answer from Metin Kerem and my doctor's basic approach was in line with mine.
In this consultation process, I was informed that I was suitable for the operation, the risks and benefits of the operation, pre- and post-operative issues. She answered all my questions in detail, didn't affect my decision but gave me enough information to make informed decisions.

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07 February 2018
1 week after treatment

Ten days after the operation, I had a nice stomach and healed quickly.

It's been 10 days since surgery. To be honest, Dr. It was the best decision to choose Metin Kerem. I have a beautiful stomach and I am recovering quickly. This is valuable for my surgery. Dr. Kerem's team was incredible. They work hard to maintain the clinic's reputation. The patient coordinator contacted me every day, his interest was perfect, he made me feel comfortable. When I have any concerns and questions, I've been told that I can talk to my doctor. Nurse Fatoş was very sweet and attentive. He was always with me until the first interview, and the doctor's check. I need to say something to the driver, Yasin. Very professional and helpful and friendly. The hospital where the operation took place was not like what I saw in London. I can say it was a 5-star hotel. There is a very prestigious air in the clinic that affects the whole experience positively. Of course this should not be the only reason to decide. I've also contacted clinics that offer more advertised, better-known and post-operation luxury villas. But, of course, the result of the surgery is the doctor's approach and ability. This must be the most important thing that affects the decision. Dr. I am very happy to have preferred Metim Kerem. I made a certain payment, and in return, my self-confidence was fulfilled.

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