05 March 2021
2 years after treatment

Everything went flawlessly after nose surgery

One of my acquaintances had a nose surgery on Hakan Bey, and I applied to him on this occasion. He performed me a closed rhinoplasty surgery. In this way, my problem of low nasal tip and bone curvature was solved. The choice of doctor was very important for me and when I met Hakan Bey, I said I found my doctor. He listened to everything I complained about, sincerely answered every question I asked. He explained the risks of the surgery, what I should do afterwards, and what I would experience in this process. In this way, it removed all the question marks in my mind. I had no pain after the operation. On the 8th day after surgery, I had very little swelling on my face, but I never had bruising. My recovery process was also very comfortable. After removing the tampon and splint, I noticed that I breathe much more easily. Hakan Bey had made the best natural nose for my face. I love the new nose I see when I look in the mirror and I get very nice comments. I cannot thank him enough, I wish him continued success.

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Treatment Provider
Mehmet Hakan Bulam, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery