06 July 2018
8 years after treatment

Eser Hanim was the best thing that could come to me.

The liberation of Istanbul was actually my salvation. I've had an abdominal surgery. No, it's like I've never been :) I've been in the hospital for 1 night, I don't have a pain pattern, there's no one between them.
The next day I went home and was very comfortable in my next days. I've had surgery for a month now, but I've got very little payment, and I've seen the result right away. A flat stomach.
Before the operation, during the interview, although I was quite cranky and uncommunicative due to the stress of surgery-I believe I was scared, as if they had beaten me,
When I look at other cases, I see patients who are still suffering, even 6-8 months later, but my doctor was so good, after the first dressing. Day 4 - I was like a gazelle
Joke aside, no more pain, pain, twitter, disgrace as you grow in your eyes. Of course you can't walk as if you've swallowed the stick, but I could walk like a "normal person" and I had no problems. As a result, they say, there is a knowledge of every job, in this work, Eser.
Yours ...

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sevgi1 06 July 2018  

Hi, my doctor told me I could stay in my belly too. Did you ever wonder?

nergiz 14 August 2018  

what is the price

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Eser Aydogdu, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Show Review
Review Mrs. Eser's attitude towards me and her style were very positive. I thank Him and his team, Health for their hands! She is very plain, direct and realistic. Hide Review
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