23 December 2020
11 months after treatment

Empahir is the only address you need to go for hair transplantation.

I can only say this to those who want to have a hair transplant; Go to Emphair, you don't need to go anywhere else. The reason is very simple. They are very good at informing and guiding before the operation. You have a consultant and he takes care of you throughout the whole process. After the operation, he continues to follow the process by calling and asking you during the recovery process. The operating conditions are very good, high quality, hygienic and comfortable places. During October, the entire team takes great care of you and never stops informing you. The real process starts after planting. They informed me about what to do with videos and photos. They also patiently answered every question. You will regret waiting and scaring when you choose Emphair. Because it doesn't hurt at all.

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