27 February 2018
5 months after treatment

Dr. Uckan's magic hands ...

Dr. Ali Üçkan has done something magical. I got a Brazilian Popo Aesthetics with a fat transfer and it looks amazing right now. He was so natural-looking that no one can understand I'm in surgery. I have a flat stomach, a thin waist and a beautiful buttock. It is very popular, I have increased confidence in myself :))
Every time I pass in front of stores, I can't help myself, I look at my body! Elite Aftercare has made my experience 1000 times better. They were very interested in me from the first moment until the last moment. I'm a bit of a hurry, and I'm pretty nervous about injections. But the result was far above my expectation.
The idea of being operated abroad can be intimidating, but I assure you that Elite Aftercare is very good at what they do and is very professional. I can't wait to go again. :))
The place we stayed in was very clean and everything was perfect. I felt like princess myself as long as my stay there was someone who served us at every point. I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering surgery.

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