21 March 2018
3 months after treatment

Dr. Ozge Ergun breast reduction surgery

My doctor was incredibly sensitive about patient care and patient satisfaction, and I could not start my speech without thanking him about it. His compassion and affection led to his empathy with his patient. I've seen regular and continuous care and attention in this process.
I can't find a word to say how happy I am. From the first minute I came to the clinic you were very interested. Your team is terrific. I've never seen a team so harmonious under the same roof.
Fernanda's interest made my fears disappear. I was relieved about the operation and I was ready. He helped me during my stay in Turkey.
My doctor is an incredible surgeon. A very positive experience for me, I am glad to have trusted him, I am grateful to him for his efforts. She knows how to treat a patient. It certainly couldn't be better.

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