17 July 2021
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I've had very bad results in breast lift and implant procedures

I contacted Kesler Clinic for a breast lift and implants. I was size a cup. the doctors that made the surgery are not doctors but shoemakers. they ruined my breast, made one smaller than the other and the nipples about a centimeter upward. They reduce my breast for by a size or two after many months talking to Dr.Kesler, he agreed to make the surgery again to fix the problem.

The problem got better by a bit but the nipples are still few mm upwards, still one slightly bigger and much more smaller. which from the beginning I never said I wanted smaller breast .

When I talked with Dr.Kesler he said he can do nothing, now that he already paid for the second surgery. if I want do fix his problem now I have to do it on my own . I am waiting for his lawyers to answer but it’s been months with no answer .

I don’t recommend this doctor or his clinic to anyone

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