29 November 2018
2 months after treatment

Did you say a needle under my eye? :)))

My first reaction was this yes :)))

The bruises under my eyes, the thickening was incredibly annoying. I used a lot of concealer. I bought expensive products.

Then I thought of going to a dermatologist because it was a discomfort. My close relative is me. Evren has proposed Gökeşme. I went to the doctor.

Of course, for me, this image, which was unlovable and very bored, was quite normal for my doctor. First, a number of checks were done. As a treatment, he suggested a light filling of the eye doctor.

When I asked him how it was done, I gave that reaction to the needle under the eyes. After all, the idea of a needle under the eye doesn't sound like a nice idea. If you are not very interested in these applications, you are trying to get a lot of ideas.

Then this idea came to my mind with examples and I accepted the application. A few days later, when I went again, I told my dear doctor Evren Gökeşme that I was ready. It really was like he said.

We took my picture so we can see it before. I didn't expect this much, see how clear everything is.

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