08 April 2020
1 year after treatment

Closed Nose Surgery 7th Day Experience

Dr. I had Closed Nose Surgery by Süleyman TAŞ and splint was taken 7 days later. There was no bruise and very little swelling. Friends around me couldn't believe I was operated. It was a very nice experience. I will also be doing the massages recommended by Doctor Bey regularly.

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suleymantas 12 May 2020  

Hello, Thank you very much for sharing your experience. In case of any question, you can reach us anytime from our contact number. Hope to see you again, healthy days.

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Suleyman Tas, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Show Review
Review I got very nice comments from my environment and I was very pleased with the new shape of my nose, I definitely recommend it to everyone. Hide Review