04 June 2018
1 month after treatment

Can't believe the result mu-kem-meeeeell

Hi, I am one of the lucky patients who surrendered to the ingenious hands of Eser on April 14. I can still see the name of the work lady frequently everywhere, and I could see which channel she was opening. Of course I got more information on the internet.
I had a 47-pound lady and 2 mischievous young people who had melted my moles and decided to get information about breast augmentation.
I completely trusted it and I left myself to it and I could not believe the result The mu-kem-meeeeell did not look like a prosthesis, it always seemed to be my piece, and on the 3rd day I was able to move my arms completely again.
I'm so tired of you, you're really tired, and his assistant Eda hanım are both so friendly and close to a relaxing tone of voice and approach to the nearest patient.

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mines 05 June 2018  

Price research, how much have you made?

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Eser Aydogdu, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Show Review
Review Friendly and close to the patient with a relaxing tone of voice. Thank you so much. Hide Review