18 April 2019
2 months after treatment

As well as my breathing problem, the tip of my nose was also improved

For years I've been scared for a nose surgery for Dr Can bey changed everything changed for me, I will not be somehow, but for the problem of breathing when I came to the clinic to see a brain and experience the modest attitude, my assistant with the sweet rose of my assistant in the exam to give me extra confidence in the examination of my fear left the place of comfort surgery in a short time for my decision was the cause of the breathing problem to include the nose tip of the aesthetic surgery.
I had an operation that I had just wanted to understand what I wanted, and I recovered from the problem of breathing, as well as my nose, and I got rid of my problem with a very comfortable surgery.

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Treatment Provider
Candemir Ceran, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Show Review
Review Can Bey's experience and modest attitudes gave me extra confidence during his examination with my assistant's sweet rose. Hide Review