20 February 2018
1 month after treatment

Amazing change!

I live in London. On the recommendation of my friend from Istanbul I made an appointment with Reha Yavuzer for lip filling. I'm so happy now. He's a very friendly doctor. He's doing what you need, not more. Would definitely recommend.

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fsl123 08 May 2018  

I liked it very much, very natural. Do you feel pain when you do?

sera24 08 May 2018  

I had to do a different place before the procedure yesterday I had to take the cutter and my lips drug injection needle was made. I didn't feel any pain after 20 min. About 40 minutes until I was produced. During the process did not understand anything. One to two hours after the procedure began to be a little pain, I do not deal with the bee chiselers but it was bruising I was also because I was new? How long did your bruising?

mari 08 May 2018  

I had a painkiller, but I didn't feel that much. But it hasn't been a lot of bruising, I think it changes from person to person. But still, the first day is a little more patience.

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