08 April 2020
5 months after treatment

A very successful nose aesthetics :)

For years, I already had a breathing problem due to damage to my nose, so I wanted to have a deviation surgery, and of course, it started to bother me as I was older in the bone formed in my nose. Later, the bite in my nose caused by dog attack caused cartilage fracture and a gap between its tip and bone.

I am very lucky that I came across Süleyman Taş. I saw it on Instagram and I fell in love with the work it did. Then, we talked with his valuable assistants and arranged a meeting with Süleyman Bey. He is very realistic in everything, he does not need eye painting because he is a really successful doctor. After the first time I saw it, I made the final decision.

He gave me a lot of trust and, as I said, he showed it not only by painting his eyes, but by his works. I was very stressed on the day of surgery, but I was so comfortable because I was in safe hands.

I didn't even have a bruise after the surgery, I couldn't believe myself because I have sensitive skin. Of course, it was swelling for the first few days. After 2 weeks I was able to continue my life as normal without any problems. there was some tenderness and swelling at first. Those very normal people didn't even know I was aesthetic at the end of my 2nd week because it was so natural and suitable for me.

It has been 7 months since now and believe me that I have been through this process. The accident that I had spent 2 years of my life has disrupted my psychology and it has damaged my self-confidence. Süleyman Bey touched my life very nicely and saved me from this difficult process. I am breathing much better now than before and my nose has a much better view.

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suleymantas 12 May 2020  

Hello sweet Beliz, thank you very much for sharing your wonderful comment, good words and experience. Greetings to your mother. Hope to see you again, healthy days.

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Suleyman Tas, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Show Review
Review I saw Süleyman Bey from the first social media and fell in love with his work. I didn't even think of anyone else after meeting him. It is never too realistic to paint eyes. It does whatever suits your face and it really touched my life very nicely, it saved a huge load. Their speech gives people confidence because he does his job very well. I think he is an expert in this business. It tells what and how and how it really does. I can't forget the moment he removed my bandage .. I cried from happiness. As I said, the expert of this work is Süleyman Taş. Hide Review