06 August 2020
2 weeks after treatment

A very nice rhinoplasty surgery that is painless and with the attention of my doctor

I had a belt and a low nose. My doctor is very successful and relevant in his field. First of all, it was decided what kind of nose I wanted and it was a painless post-operative process for me. We planned my weekly and monthly follow-ups. I got the nose of my dreams.

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Treatment Provider
Orkun Uyanik, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Show Review
Review Orkun Bey is very knowledgeable and interested in his field. Before the surgery, he decided what kind of nose I wanted by taking my ideas. It paved the way for me to wait calmly and painlessly in the postoperative period. By creating my weekly and monthly controls, my regular controls were provided. I got my dream nose. It is really a great chance to come across a doctor like him in Konya. Hide Review