10 August 2020
7 months after treatment

A doctor I can definitely recommend for genital aesthetics

Hello, I started having some problems after a normal birth, I was looking for a doctor to discuss this situation, but it was not in the city where I live. I also did research on the internet and reached Mrs. Yuliya in Bursa, immediately made an appointment and went to the meeting. He explained everything in detail and at the first examination I was convinced for the surgery. We determined the day of surgery and I had combined genital aesthetic surgery. The operation was very good, although I came from outside of the city, I was able to return home in the evening. I could reach my doctor by phone whenever I wanted. I got rid of my problems and am satisfied.

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Treatment Provider
Review I came from outside of the city and underwent surgery and I made a very correct decision, I am very happy with my result, thank you once again from here. Hide Review