24 February 2021
1 year after treatment

360 Abdominal Lift

I always heard that tummy tuck surgery was a very difficult operation, but the selection of a competent doctor affected the process positively, thanks to my doctor, it was an operation that was much easier than I expected and I never regretted.

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Emre Guvercin, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Show Review
Review I underwent tummy tuck surgery on my teacher Emre Güvercin exactly 1 year ago to remove my sagging skin as a result of excessive weight loss after tube stomach surgery, I felt very safe both psychologically and emotionally thanks to his sincere approach like a brother during my operation process. After the surgery, he was one of the most important factors that showed how a good surgeon I was, by answering all my questions patiently and always supporting him. I am very satisfied with my transaction result. I feel incredibly lucky to have met a doctor who is competent in his job like Emre Hodja. My process has not been completed yet, if God permits, I will hand myself back to your hands without any doubt for my Thigh and arm stretching surgeries. Hide Review
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