What you should know before having plastic surgery


Tuğçe Özkan from Posta Newspaper writes in her column the details that those who think of aesthetic surgery on any subject should know.


This summer, for the first time, I witness people getting plastic surgery regardless of season.

We were always saying but still we could not break prejudices. Now I'm looking at a cut on vacation by the beach.

Those who do not have a voice either await recovery and renewal, or cannot find time to share from the busy working traffic.

Believe it, those who prefer this time when the agenda focuses on the beach side to be renewed, especially among celebrities, is not at all underestimated. We will see who shines in autumn, who are younger and who have taken the years back.

Now, I will be writing the details that those who think of aesthetic surgery on any subject should know. Remember, these are not simple procedures such as skin care, you have to make a decision by thinking thoroughly.

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1- The summer season is not an obstacle for you to have aesthetic surgery.

Weather conditions do not contribute to your recovery, either positively or negatively. If you do not work outdoors and will not spend time in the sun immediately after the surgery, all operations can be performed on summer days.

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Air-conditioned homes and offices will be an advantage for you during your recovery period, as well as for a quick return to work and social life.

2- You will need a recovery period for you to rest and recover after each aesthetic operation. Question an approach like "continue from surgery today / tomorrow where you left off".

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3- In surgeries, there will be traces wherever the scalpel touches. However, today, in the operations performed by successful surgeons, these scars heal in the form of a very faint white thin line in an uncertainty between barren and absent. After many operations, even the patient himself cannot "almost" see the scars. However, there is always a bad healing condition of your wounds.

4- General anesthesia is nothing to be afraid of when applied by a competent team in appropriate environments. It is no different from sleeping at night and waking up in the morning.

5- Smoking patients always have a higher risk of infection and these patients recover later than others.

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6- Reading every post on the internet before the operation will not benefit you, it will only confuse you. You should definitely ask your questions to a reliable physician.

7- You should know all the complications about the surgery, but always focus on the positive.

8- For the recovery period, a lover, a cousin, a friend with whom your Nazi passes will be of great help to you. However, if these people are delusional, anxious, negative people who can take moisture from the air, it is better to stay alone during recovery.

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9- Know that you will not be beautiful right after the aesthetic operation. You will need time for your swelling, edema and wound healing. If you do not have a strong psychology to face this improvement, do not undergo surgery. Don't let yourself be deceived by life.

Written on 27/07/2018


Last Update: 04/02/2021

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