Swelling and healing process after nose aesthetics


Written by Bahar Ozbal.

Rhinoplasty surgery, which concerns the integrity of the face first degree; it is a sensitive and very important operation. Things to consider after nasal aesthetics affect the success of the healing process.

We have listed step by step what should be considered in the recovery process:

First day after rhinoplasty

1. You will be provided to walk with a companion and nurse about 2 hours after rhinoplasty. These walks and walks are important to get rid of the effect of anesthesia.
2. You can have a drink at the end of 4 hours following the surgery, and you can start a solid diet after 8 hours.
3. It is important that your head is in a high position as a way of sleeping after nasal aesthetic surgery. It is even recommended to sleep on your back with 2 or more pillows. Sleeping glasses should not be used during sleep and rest.
4. It is important to carefully follow instructions such as the use of antibiotics, painkillers and other medicines as recommended, regular use of cream / creams if given, cold compress, dressing and hospitalization advice.

Swelling after nose aesthetics

5. One of the frequently encountered complications after rhinoplasty is "nasal tip swelling". Edema and swelling may occur on the face, nose area and tip of the nose after rhinoplasty surgery. This situation starts in the first week following the surgery in the recovery process after rhinoplasty and gradually disappears over time depending on the tissue recovery speed of the person. However, since nasal surgery will bring swelling in the nose, especially nasal tip swelling heals in a longer time.
6. In rhinoplasty surgery performed with open surgery technique, some people may have numbness in the incision sites. This situation is temporary and will usually resolve spontaneously within the first 6 months. After rhinoplasty surgery; Edema around the eyes generally improves within 4-5 days, while edema in the nose area heals in a longer period. First, the back of the nose, then the middle and finally the swelling of the nose tip disappears. After the nose job, all edema disappears between 6 and 12 months.
7. After the Rhinoplasty, the new shape and settlement of the nose is completed in an average of 6 to 12 months.

Recovery process after nose aesthetics

8. At the end of the first week following rhinoplasty surgery, the plaster or plastic splint placed on the nose is removed and the nasal tampons are removed. This procedure is done on the 7th or 11th day, depending on the nasal aesthetic surgery technique and the healing process of the tissues. Afterwards, a tape that will remain on the nose for an average of 5 days is attached.
10. "When does nasal surgery swelling go down?" We can give an answer to our users who ask: After nasal aesthetics, more intense bruising and edema formation can be observed in some people, this situation differs from person to person, depending on the technique and size of the surgery. It is a temporary process, with the help of regular cold compresses and creams, it usually decreases within the first week and disappears in a short time.
11. Problems such as headache and sleep problems may be encountered in the first weeks after nasal aesthetics, simple painkillers and correct sleep techniques are the problems that can be solved.
12. Nasal congestion may occur in the first months after nasal aesthetics. If the nose is wiped, it should be done from the bottom up. In the cleaning of the nose, the nose wings should be closed first, then the other, and the cleaning process should be done by blowing the nose opening.
13. More care should be taken when brushing teeth for the first 10 days after nasal aesthetics. The toothbrush to be chosen should be soft and your movements sensitive.
14. Sun rays negatively affect the healing process after rhinoplasty. In case of exposure to sunlight, an increase in edema and swelling is observed. What should be done after rhinoplasty is to use sunscreen before going out to the sun To protect the face area against UV rays, including solarium. Not only your nose, but the whole face area needs extra protection after rhinoplasty. In the first weeks, not even intense smiles, not using excessive facial expressions; It is necessary not to touch the face and nose harshly, and to avoid movements and environments that will cause face and nose impacts.

Return to work after nose aesthetics

15. The ideal time to return to work and social life is after the 5th day after nasal aesthetics. In terms of aesthetics, it can be preferred after the 7th or 11th day, when the plaster on the nose will be removed.

Nutrition after rhinoplasty

16. In the first weeks following the Rhinoplasty, some changes should be made in the diet. Liquid and / or soft foods should be preferred instead of foods that require hard and intense chewing, and care should be taken to consume foods warm.

Smoking after rhinoplasty

17. It is important to stop smoking before and after rhinoplasty. Smoking after rhinoplasty negatively affects the healing process after rhinoplasty.

Using glasses after rhinoplasty

18. It is not recommended to use glasses for the first month after the operation during the recovery period after nasal aesthetics. People who have to wear glasses are expected to have completed the necessary preparations for the lens option before rhinoplasty.

Sport after rhinoplasty

19. After the rhinoplasty, no sports activities that require heavy condition, including running, fitness, cardio, etc. should be done during the first month.

Satisfaction after rhinoplasty

After the 20th Rhinoplasty, the new shape and settlement of the nose is completed in an average of 6 to 12 months. Regardless of the reason, due to aesthetic concerns or health reasons, the added value of a correct rhinoplasty surgery on the psychology of the person is great and the psychological satisfaction rate is high.

On average, 90% of the feedback is positive and the 10% who are not happy with the result are generally wrong or incomplete information; It has been noted that it is caused by factors such as the formation of a final appearance different from the expected or the decision of surgery without having the right expectations.
At this point, the importance of doctor selection before rhinoplasty surgery comes into play. A physician with whom you can communicate well, understand your expectations and share all information about the results with all transparency should be preferred.
It has been observed that people who are unhappy with the results after rhinoplasty usually experience dissatisfaction due to the first shock caused by not being informed about the changed forehead, nose and lips. Except for exceptional cases, it has been noted that a large proportion of 90% are satisfied with the result of rhinoplasty, gain self-confidence and increase the quality of life created by being able to breathe through the nose after rhinoplasty surgery.

Written on 19/06/2017


Last Update: 07/06/2021

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