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Written by Bahar Ozbal.

Most of the plastic surgeons and ENT doctors who perform nasal aesthetics in Ankara have special examinations in Çankaya district.

A large proportion of private hospitals, state hospitals, university hospitals and medical centers are also located in Çankaya (around 100). Keçiören comes second with 25 hospitals.

It can be said that Çankaya is the locomotive district of Ankara's rhinoplasty prices, since most of the health institutions and organizations are gathered in Çankaya.

Kiss. Dr. Cagatay Falcioglu

Kiss. Dr. Cagatay Falcioglu

Rhinoplasty prices in Ankara Çankaya; public hospital, private hospital; The title of the doctor who will perform the surgery (operator, associate professor, professor, etc.) varies depending on the details.

Another important factor in determining the prices of rhinoplasty in Ankara is the price differences between the districts. The socio-economic status of the residents of the district is a factor in the diversity of rhinoplasty prices in Ankara.

Kiss. Dr. Talha Tanyeli

Kiss. Dr. Talha Tanyeli

The effect of surgery method on rhinoplasty prices in Ankara

Rhinoplasty surgery takes an average of 1.5 - 4 hours; It is mostly performed under general anesthesia and the type of anesthesia the surgery will be performed under rather than the surgical method affects the prices of rhinoplasty in Ankara. The nose structure, bones and giggles of the patient determine the surgical techniques and methods in planning aesthetic nose surgeries. This operation, which makes a significant change in the nose structure, nose shape and furthermore makes it easier for you to breathe, can be divided into closed nose aesthetics and open nose aesthetics. Although it is stated that a more comfortable process is experienced after rhinoplasty surgery with the closed technique, in fact, every method now focuses on a comfortable result and recovery process with today's technology.

Dr. Lecturer Başar Kaya

Dr. Lecturer Başar Kaya

The most important factor in determining the price of rhinoplasty in Ankara is whether the anesthesia to be applied is general or local and depending on this, how many nights will be hospitalized.

In the operation planned under general anesthesia, hospitalization is generally required for 1 night and in special cases 2 nights.

In rhinoplasty surgeries where local anesthesia is applied, the person is usually discharged on the same day. The length of hospital stay due to anesthesia application means an increase or decrease in rhinoplasty prices in Ankara.

Kiss. Dr. Ozan Luay Abbas

Kiss. Dr. Ozan Luay Abbas

The effect of hospital pricing on rhinoplasty prices in Ankara

In rhinoplasty surgeries in Ankara, hospital prices differ depending on the length of hospital stay depending on the preferred anesthesia method.

In this case, another important criterion that affects the prices of nasal aesthetics in Ankara comes into play; Will the surgery be planned in a private or public hospital?

Aesthetic applications in both private and public hospitals are not covered by private insurance or SSI.

Both the private and the SSI coverage of rhinoplasty surgery depend on some criteria.

Under what conditions are nose aesthetics prices covered by insurance in Ankara?

  • If nose surgery is planned due to health problems, not aesthetics, surgery can be performed under the coverage of SGK and private health insurance.

  • In aesthetic operations accompanied by intranasal intervention, only intranasal corrections can be made under private health insurance and SGK.

  • Even if the person's private health policy is prepared to cover nose surgeries, the limitations are the same as the SGK limitations. Private insurances that cover intra-nasal surgery such as sinusitis and nasal contours, in case of deviation, perform the surgery within the scope of insurance in some cases, and sometimes exclude it from the coverage.

  • Rhinoplasty surgery in Ankara is completely out of scope for both institutions if it is performed for aesthetic surgery purposes.

Private hospitals in Ankara and state hospitals that perform rhinoplasty in Ankara also have great price differences in rhinoplasty.

Even if nasal aesthetic surgery is performed for aesthetic purposes, it also includes the treatment of structural disorders in the nose.

In this case, since a rhinoplasty surgery to be performed in state hospitals performing rhinoplasty in Ankara will also include rhinoplasty, your expenses for a certain department (such as operating room, night stay, ENT doctor fee) are covered by SSK.

In this case, the price of rhinoplasty to be paid by the person will cover the whole of the aesthetic applications (material items prescribed by the plastic surgeon and aesthetic surgeon) excluded from the scope.

State hospitals performing nose aesthetics in Ankara

  • Ufuk University Dr. Rıdvan Ege Research and Application Hospital - Çankaya

  • Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Adult Hospital - Çankaya

  • Gazi University Hospital - Çankaya

  • Baskent University Ankara Hospital - Cankaya

  • Gülhane Military Medical Academy (Gata) - Keçiören

  • Gülhane Training and Research Hospital- Keçiören

  • Ankara Golbasi Hasvak State Hospital - Golbasi

  • Ankara University Cebeci Research and Application Hospital - Altındağ

  • Ankara Sincan State Hospital - Sincan

In private hospitals doing rhinoplasty in Ankara, the biggest share in pricing belongs to the comfort and luxury details of the hospitality service offered / to be offered by the hospital.

The prolongation of the discharge time due to the form of anesthesia application causes different invoicing of private hospital fees in rhinoplasty prices in Ankara.

The prolongation of the night stay affects the pricing depending on the comfort and luxury scale of the hospital.

The effect of doctor choice on rhinoplasty prices in Ankara

Evaluating the doctor's recommendations of those who have a rhinoplasty in Ankara will help you reach the best doctors who do rhinoplasty in Ankara.

Each nasal aesthetic is planned individually, so the definition of the best doctor also varies from person to person.

Among the doctors who perform rhinoplasty in Ankara, the choice of doctor is important for the success of the surgery and for the pricing of the surgery. Almost all of the doctors doing rhinoplasty in Ankara work with one or more contracted hospitals; Some doctors serve within the hospital, while others have their own private clinic.

Factors such as which hospitals your preferred doctor is contracted with, clinical services before and after rhinoplasty, the popularity of the doctor (the physicians who are famous for their surgeries, known as the doctor of famous people or according to the title of doctor, such as doctor, prof) affects rhinoplasty prices.

Written on 28/07/2017


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