Pandemic changed patient demands and aesthetic trends

By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Ebru Sen, MD

Pandemic Changed Patient Demands and Aesthetic Trends

Undoubtedly, 2020 has passed into history as a year when everything changed, and of course, aesthetic applications also took their share from this change. Apparently, our "new normal" has had a direct impact on both how we want to look and our attitude to treatments that can help achieve the desired result. Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Ebru Şen says that with the effect of 2020, patients' tendencies have also changed and different practices are trending:

Smaller Tits Are Trending

More demand for breast reduction surgery has started. It may be caused by the weight gain associated with COVID-19. At the same time, women, like everyone else at home, find that they are dissatisfied with their body shape because they look more at themselves in front of the mirror and look for flaws. Searching for solutions, having plenty of time for research may have increased this demand. Moreover, before the pandemic, most women wanted a C or D cub-size, now there is a trend towards a B size. The same is true for breast augmentation, and the measurements to reach the B cup are demanded more in the use of prostheses.

Aesthetic Applications Are Now A Personal Care Ritual

With the pandemic, there was a lot of demand, especially by mothers. From what we went through this year, we understood the importance of taking care of ourselves and not putting off things that are important to ourselves. You know, mothers postpone themselves the most. This year every mom has been forced to be a super mom. They always gave more and eventually turned the focus to themselves. I can say that they are knocking on our door for every treatment they have been thinking about for a long time. Aesthetic applications have started to become a personal care ritual.

The Preference of Surgical Procedures Over Non-Surgical Treatments Increased

One of the biggest changes I saw in my practice in the midst of the pandemic was the growing interest in surgical operations. Many patients delayed these practices as they were uncomfortable with frequent visits to the office for non-surgical treatments that required multiple sessions. "If the mask is going to hide my face, what's the point of getting anything done?" In the summer months, the rate of surgical procedures would generally decrease, but the opposite happened this summer. Many have survived the recovery processes in quarantine.

Having More Time to Think Made a Difference

People now have more personal, dedicated time. We are in a time of sitting on ourselves instead of socializing, thinking inside of us what makes us happy or unhappy, and looking in the mirror and diagnosing what we see. Having more time to think made the difference. People are more and more online now and are searching in detail for aesthetic treatments they have always wondered about. Moreover, they come fully ready, very knowledgeable and determined, and demand applications.

Online Meetings Have Changed A Lot

People have used Zoom or other video conferencing applications for business meetings and even to see family members. This allowed them to see themselves from angles they had never seen before. Usually we look at ourselves mostly in the mirror and directly, rarely see a profile of ourselves or a side view. As people increasingly see these reflections through webcams, they are especially demanding surgeons that change their profiles, such as neck liposuction, neck lift, jaw tip implant and rhinoplasty.

Some of them have very good savings

People who had money in the Covid era made a very serious savings. Because they could not go on vacation, they did not travel abroad, they could not spend money on shopping, restaurants, cafes, in short, all the money they spent outside remained in their pockets. I have too many patients who evaluate this in plastic surgery. They say that in the pandemic they are investing in themselves, in their bodies.

Online Consultations Entered Our Lives

The number of online examinations for our foreign patients has increased and our Turkish patients have been added to this. Not everything can be covered during online consultation, but patients can still learn a lot. Moreover, I realized that they are more comfortable with online consultation. I believe that even if the pandemic is over, online consultations will continue in the same way.

Masks Have Created a Secret Healing Process

We received a lot of demands such as facelift and neck lift because they were able to go through their healing process behind masks. All human interactions are focused solely on the face, and they also enjoyed the comfort of recovery and communication while wearing a mask that covers the entire surgical area. The masks made it much easier to get out during the healing process.

Written on 08/02/2021


Last Update: 05/03/2021

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