Instagram User Guide for Doctors

Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

Instagram User Guide for Doctors

Instagram is a very effective medium to showcase your quality work, expertise, attentive, expert staff, and even a little bit of personality. While Instagram is primarily a personal social network, 80% of users also follow businesses.

It's never too late to become an Instagram phenomenon, also known in this medium. You may have had personal experience with Instagram, but there will be some different considerations when it comes to representing your name, your clinic, what content is posted, how often your app is posted, who should actually post.

Have a Plan and Start with Realistic Goals

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Instagram is a visual platform and a very good and successful medium for aesthetic applications. So what does "success" mean in instagram? Let's start with the basics:

  • Highlight your expertise and the overall quality of your results
  • Tell your followers about your app
  • Raise awareness about specific treatments or promotions
  • Be sure to answer the responses to your posts, proactively answer questions
  • Prepare shareable types of content such as photos, videos, text-based images, patient reviews.
  • Make sure to set your general tone, how will you be serious or humorous? Or will you just give information?
  • After preparing all of these, it's worth remembering that the Instagram accounts that get the best results actively, consistently and consistently provide a mix of informative and entertaining content. Remember that Instagram isn't just for photos, so your selection of posts should also be occasional text-based photos or videos.
  • Instagram stories are part of your main post. Here, you can share daily, fast-consuming news content that can be valuable or fun for your followers, and entertaining posts that catch the agenda.
  • Quality, institutionalism is very important. You should consider your posts well and always make sure that they match your general style and message.
  • Make IG Tv, Instagram live streams. Question and answer can be a conversation on any topic.
  • Ask questions, do polls from Stoy.
  • You can make compilations of multiple choice images from treatments of your specialty.
  • You can direct to your website, blog pages, and Youtube channel.

Include Your Staff

There are several ways all of your staff can join in keeping an effective Instagram presence. Staff members can assist you with content creation and workflow. If one of your staff has Instagram experience, you might want to help them think the "big picture" about your Instagram strategy by letting them lead. Because Instagram allows several different people to log into a single account, the rest of the staff can also help create content and save them as "drafts". They can take images from within the clinic and interview you. All of these efforts will help to spice up your staff's ordinary workday while making your practice look more intimate and inviting. Note, however, that not every staff member will fully understand or enjoy using Instagram.

Get Inspired by Other Aesthetic Accounts

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Creating content can be fun, but you may not know exactly what kind of content to create when you get started. One way to get around this hurdle is to get inspired by other Instagram accounts. Checking what other successful accounts do can help you develop a few similar ideas for your own practice. Scanning hashtags can also be a good idea, look for example #plasticsurgery, #botox or other topics related to your expertise, it can help you discover inspiring accounts.

Market Your Instagram Profile

Naturally, the more people know about your Instagram account, the more likely you are to gain new followers and turn potential patients into patients. There are methods like liking and replying to comments to grow your presence, and using hashtags to aid discovery. Also;

You can add your Instagram account information to your e-mail correspondence, auxiliary materials and appointment cards

Create a sign where you can display your Instagram address in the waiting room of your clinic, invite your patients to follow your account.

If your company is already active on other social media channels, you can announce your new Instagram account here.

Finally, never be afraid to change your general strategy or try new things.

Written on 28/01/2021


Last Update: 15/02/2021

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