How Can I Know If I am Eligible for Hair Transplantation?

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By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Emphair Hair Transplant, MD

How Can I Know If I am Eligible for Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is among the most aesthetic applications made by men in our country and in the world today. Although balding does not cause any harm to the human body, it is preferred by many people because of the psychological traumas it causes and people feel good. Well, do you know if you are a suitable candidate for hair transplantation? Emphair Hair Transplant Center answers our question:

“As you said, if the hair transplantation is done to the right person, it significantly affects his appearance and general feeling of well-being. However, not everyone is a good or right candidate for hair transplantation. As always said, having realistic expectations before having a hair transplant is the primary condition. Remember, everyone has a limited amount of donor hair that can be transported to thinned areas of the scalp. If this hair is not used efficiently, the result of the procedure may not meet your expectations.

In addition, all attempts to stop the progress of your hair loss should be done after they are finished, that is, it is necessary to examine whether there is a disease that triggers hair loss in the first place.

You can send your photos showing your front, side, top and back hair area to Emphair Hair Transplant Center and request an online consultation and evaluation. After this evaluation, the final words and hair transplantation planning suitable for the person can only be determined after a one-to-one examination.

Now, returning to your question, we can roughly list the candidates suitable for hair transplantation as follows:

  • Men who have lost their hair due to male pattern baldness for more than five years or progressed to grade 3 or higher on the Norwood Scale.

  • Those with realistic expectations. Men who understand that hair loss can continue to progress after a hair transplant, even if they are using prescription medication to stop this progression. Because some men have to continue these drugs after hair transplantation in order to keep their hair on their heads as much as possible.

  • Those who have lived without hair for many years and are considering a little hair transplantation to provide a younger appearance.

  • Men and women with hair loss due to trauma or burns.

  • Men and women with hair loss due to other aesthetic procedures such as facelift.

  • Those with scars on their head

  • Those who have had hair transplantation before but are not satisfied with the result

They can have a hair transplant.

Written on 04/05/2021


Last Update: 05/05/2021

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