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Hair Transplantation

Written by Bahar Ozbal.

Hair transplant comments are an important reference point for those who want to have a transplant.

With a short research on the internet, it is possible to reach the comments of those who have hair transplantation.

With hair transplant comments, you can reach experienced information about the clinic where you will have hair transplantation surgery, the doctor who will perform the hair transplant surgery, and you can find user shares about hair transplantation results.

hair transplant reviews

Hair transplant   comments will help you have an idea about how much the hair transplant surgery will be performed with.

You can find out how much you will pay for an average hair transplant surgery with hair transplant prices comments.

hair transplant price

You can also find the hair transplant prices comments of the doctor or clinic you have chosen by detailing your search. Koray Erdogan, who is a competent hair transplant specialist and one of the first names that comes to mind when it comes to hair transplantation, and other hair transplant doctors perform hair transplantation by choosing from different hair transplantation methods such as stem cell supported.

Since hair transplant comments are made up of personal experiences, they contain very different and relative information.

While some comments contain a high satisfaction rate, some comments have a high dissatisfaction rate.

Hair transplant comments, where you can find many good and bad comments about the same physician, are shaped according to the expectations that vary from person to person.

Every hair transplant surgery is planned according to the person. By saying the number of grfets, you will have this amount of hair, the transplanted hair will hold up completely, you will get good results, the statements that are said from the beginning such as your hair will grow after these months, and hair transplantation comments are made according to the realization of these promises.

image after hair transplant

Many criteria such as the number of grafts to be transferred, the size of the area to be transplanted, the adequacy of the number of grafts to be collected from the donor area, and the hair transplantation technique to be applied are planned individually.

Therefore, the comments of those who have hair transplantation should be evaluated in the light of these personal details.

hair transplant reviews research

Forums and websites where hair transplant comments can be found are platforms where all these details are shared and commented.

hair transplant before

The shares made with the photos before and after the hair transplantation are conveyed together with the details of the hair transplant surgery of the person.

This allows people who want to have a hair transplant to compare with their own evaluation results.

The most important issue here is that searches are made with phrases based on personal data.

For example; Doctor or clinic where you will have hair transplant surgery; Searches with details such as technique or the number of grafts will help you find the closest results to you.

In this article, you will find the links to the most searched hair transplant surgery doctors, clinics or hospitals on the internet and the addresses where you can reach the results of these searches.

1. Emphair Hair Transplant Reviews

Emphair sick

When Emphair Hair Transplantation Center is searched on the internet as Emphair hair transplant comments for this clinic that serves its patients with its 12 years of experience, it is possible to see the healing processes together with the photos before and after the hair transplantation on the clinic's own website.

In addition, detailed descriptions and processes of people who have had hair transplantation at the Emphair Hair Transplant Center can be viewed in Youtube videos. A person who plans to have a hair transplant in Istanbul or Ankara can have an idea by referring to patient experience videos.

We also share the experience of hair transplantation performed at Emphair Hair Transplant Center:

10 months before and after is very different

Click for Emphair Hair Transplant Center for all patient experiences

Now you can go on a journey with Emphair:

2. Serkan Aydın Hair Transplant Reviews

Dr. Serkan Aydın Hair Transplant Reviews

“Serkan Aydın Hair Transplant Reviews” is one of the most intensive phrases on the internet.

Receiving the best hair transplant award in 2015, Serkan Aydın and Arenamed team became one of the most sought-after people and institutions with hair transplant comments after this title.

It is possible to reach many experienced “Arenamed hair transplant center comments” and “Serkan Aydın hair transplant comments” on the website “”.

3.Acibadem Hair Transplant Reviews

Acıbadem Hospital hair transplant

“Acıbadem Hair Transplant Reviews” draws attention with many comments that can be reached when searched on the internet.

The "Acıbadem Hair Transplant Reviews" query allows access to information, suggestions and complaints about Acıbadem hospitals and hair transplant centers located in many cities with its wide hospital network.

While many experienced Acıbadem hair transplant comments can be accessed on the website "", you can find the patient satisfaction results regarding the company on "".

4. Konhair Hair Transplant Reviews

Konhair is one of the popular hair transplant centers in Ankara. Kiss. Dr. Providing service with an expert hair transplant team under the leadership of Polat Yiğit, Konhair is another address where hair transplant comments are frequently questioned.

“Konhair Hair Transplantation Comments”, comparative clinical experiences in Ankara, many valuable comments such as hair transplant stories according to the number of grafts; You can reach,,

5.Dhi Hair Transplant People Comments

DHI hair transplant reviews

Dhi shares the comments of those who have hair transplantation with people who plan to undergo hair transplant surgery or who are looking for information about the processes after they have hair transplantation through forums and comment sites.

With the DHI hair transplant method, which is considered to be the most innovative method compared to Fut and Fue methods, you can reach the comments of those who have hair transplantation through the hair transplant comment forums, view the before and after images, and get information about what you will experience during the surgery process in the light of the comments of experienced people.

To the comments of those who had a dhi hair transplant; You can reach,

6. Hair Transplant Reviews in Women

"Hair Transplant Reviews in Women"

Although men are the first to come to mind when it comes to hair transplant surgery for some reason, hair transplantation is a very common practice in women.

Many women suffering from female pattern hair loss have the chance to get away from aesthetic concerns with hair transplant surgery.

Although not as much as the hair transplant comments in the internet search results, the comments on hair transplantation in women are also quite high.

hair transplant in women

The important thing here is to find the right platform. Websites such as “Angels Space” and “Women's Club” are platforms where women share similar experiences.

You can find comments about hair transplantation in women on websites such as,, and

7.Hair Transplant Reviews About Clinics

The comments of those who have hair transplantation mostly consist of positive or negative suggestions about their clinical experiences.

It is possible to find special titles reserved for hair transplant centers that are frequently questioned on most of the websites that allow comments on the internet.

8. Serdar Gökrem Hair Transplant Comments

Hair Transplant Serdar Gökrem reviews

For example, a person who plans to have a hair transplant in Ankara can find a "topic" heading opened to receive comments from those who have hair transplantation with the question "Is Armani, Arenamed or Serdar Gökrem , which one would you recommend?

9. Hair Transplant Comments on Provincial Basis

hair transplant
The most common internet searches made during the hair transplant decision phase are about finding the right address for the person in the province where he lives.

For example; You can search for comments experienced in the province where the person lives, such as "Gaziantep Hair Transplant Reviews", "Kayseri Hair Transplant Reviews", "Ankara Hair Transplant Centers Reviews", as well as searching for a center affiliated with it.

10. İzmir Lycian Hair Transplant Reviews

lycia hair transplant center

Provincial hair transplant comments such as "Izmir Lycia Hair Transplant Reviews" or "Lycian Hair Transplant Center Comments" can be found on the forum (such as ...) and niche comment sites prepared for many cities. has.

11. Doctor-Based Hair Transplant Comments

Another issue that people who want to have hair transplantation searches the most at the beginning stage is the comments of the doctors.

Another issue that people who want to have hair transplantation searches the most at the beginning stage is the comments of the doctors.

One of the most valuable content of hair transplant recipients is the experienced doctor's comments.

For example, if you search for "Serdar Gökrem Hair Transplant Reviews" and "Serkan Aydın Hair Transplant Reviews", you can find comments of people who have hair transplantation, such as "".

Written on 04/07/2018


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