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By Bahar Ozbal • Medical review by Hermest Clinic Sac Ekim Merkezi

People who decide to have hair transplant surgery often wonder about the results after hair transplantation and the post-hair transplant process day by day. Because the post-hair transplant process is as important as the hair transplant process.

The healing process after hair transplantation is an average of 1-year marathon. When it comes to the success rate after some hair, of course, this process will vary from person to person. Let's see the post-hair transplant surgery process day by day, week by week, month by month. Then, let's try to find answers to the following questions about the hair transplant healing process. Let's see the post-hair transplant process with pictures.

  1. How is the healing process day by day in hair transplantation?
  2. How is the 1st week after hair transplantation?
  3. What is the 1st month after hair transplantation?
  4. What is the 3rd month after hair transplantation?
  5. What are the things to be considered and wondered after hair transplantation?

1. How is the healing process day by day in hair transplantation?

Hair transplant results: 1st day

On the first day of hair transplant surgery, the hair transplant donor area healing process is as important as the healing of the hair transplant area. After hair transplantation, you will be discharged with this part covered with a bandage to facilitate this process, which we can generalize as the healing of the neck area.

The most important issue to be considered after hair transplantation: sleeping position.

Hair transplant results: 2nd day

On the 2nd day after hair transplantation, there may be a feeling of pain in the hair transplantation area and donor area. While bleeding is observed in the donor area, the blood will be completely dried in the transplanted area. The donor area is bandaged.

Hair transplant results 3rd day

The 3rd day after hair transplantation is the first day of washing.

The first wash after hair transplantation will be done by a specialist, under the supervision of your doctor.

The washing model to be made until the scabs in the planting area are shed should be continued as it was done by the expert on the first day. When you go to the clinic on the 3rd day of hair transplantation results, the bandage in the donor area is first removed.

Afterwards, cream will be applied to soften the dried blood in the transplanted area and donor area, and then the washing process will begin.

On the 3rd day, while going to the clinic and returning, you must protect your head area from sunlight.

The sleeping position should be in the same sensitivity as the first 2 days today.

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2. Hair transplant results 1st week   

Dr. As Serkan Aygın mentions on his website, mild swelling, itching and pain may be felt in the donor and transplant area within the first few days after the hair transplant operation. ( Dr. Serkan Aygın / Recovery After Hair Transplantation )

Since the prohibition of contact with water is lifted after the first wash, the person continues the process in a more relaxed state.

The head area should be washed regularly and carefully every day until the scabs in the hair transplantation area are removed, and the person should continue to protect the head area from possible impacts and the harmful rays of the sun.

The first week is the attachment process of the transplanted hair. For this reason, the planting area should avoid strokes, harsh movements, scrubbing, scratching, etc.

Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics for the first week. This is planned for 3 days for some people and 5 days for some people for antibiotic treatment.

The rapid healing in the donor area in the first week may surprise you. At the end of the first week, at the end of the second week, shedding of the scabs in the hair transplantation area is observed in some people.

3. Hair transplant results: 1st month

Hair transplantation results result in the attachment of all transplanted hair after the first month.

However, in this first month, one of the most important steps that await people who have hair transplant surgery will be experienced. This step is called "shock spill". If the process continues, you should definitely talk to your doctor.

Shock spill, which is expected to occur between the 2nd week and the 8th week, is a normal development of the healing process.

The transplanted hair and hair follicles are shed in an average of 1 month, starting from the 2nd week after hair transplantation surgery.

Since spillage occurs suddenly after the surgery, this event is defined as "shock spill".

It should meet the need for sleep and rest in a position prepared for bleeding that may occur in the donor area after hair transplantation.

4. Hair transplant results: 3rd month

While the most important steps of the healing process are taken in the first 2 months after hair transplantation, it is from the 3rd month to start getting the results of hair transplantation.

The first hair that grows after shock loss tends to be thin and curly, just like baby hair.

However, as these hair grows, the hair strand becomes thicker and the hair becomes suitable with the person's hair structure.

The waiting period for the final result in hair transplantation results is between 9 months and 1 year.

The hair that starts to grow in the 3rd month will be completed within a period of 1 year, the hair strands will thicken and grow enough to completely cover the area with openness.

5. What are the things to be considered and what are the things to be wondered after hair transplantation?

  • Is washing done after hair transplantation? If so, how is it done?

Post-hair transplant care is extremely important for a successful hair transplant. The day after the hair transplantation, the dressing is opened and the bandage in the forehead area is cut with scissors and the bandage is opened. It is important not to peel off the cultivated area.

The 3rd day is the washing day. Before washing, it is necessary to apply the lotion given by your doctor as directed by your doctor. There is no harm in applying this lotion to the donor area after hair transplantation. It can be washed after keeping it in this way for half an hour. Care should be taken that your water does not flow too hard.

The lotion is cleaned and shampooed. After rinsing your hair with warm water, you can proceed to a second shampooing step. There is no problem in contact with the donor area.

It is important to pay attention to rinse thoroughly. In the drying part, it is extremely important not to make harsh movements. After this process called 15-day washing program, the crusting that occurs after the process should disappear.

  • What should be done if hair loss occurs after hair transplantation?

Within a month after hair transplantation, there may be hair loss in the transplanted area. This is called "shock spill". This does not mean a failed hair transplant. In some patients, even the entire hair may fall out after transplantation. When looking at the result, success is not different between the patient who has never shed and the patient with hair loss.

It should not be forgotten that hair loss after hair transplantation is a part of the process. At the end of the shedding, new hair will start to grow again. The result of hair transplantation will be fully evident in 6-8 months.

  • What should be done if itching occurs after hair transplantation?

Itching after hair transplantation is one of the most disturbed conditions after hair transplantation. After the second week, the patient can easily scratch the itchy area. But if itching is very uncomfortable, a doctor should be consulted.

  • Is it possible to do sports after hair transplantation?

After hair transplantation, light-scale sports can only be done 15 days later. Experts do not recommend sports that require moving the head structure.

  • Is smoking allowed after hair transplantation?

After hair transplantation, it is recommended to pay attention to smoking or even not to use it.

  • Does hair transplant give definite results?

Hair transplantation gives definite results, but there are some criteria that affect the success of the surgery.

The first of these criteria is that after hair transplantation, when the hair gets its final appearance, natural results are obtained that would not be understood when the hair transplantation was performed.

The second criterion is that the transplanted hair should have a density to cover the open scalp completely.

Hair density; Factors such as the thickness of the hair strand, the length of the hair, the volume of hair loss in the area to be transplanted, the structure of the hair, the color of the scalp, and the color of the hair affect whether the results of the hair transplant surgery will be successful or not.

Hair transplant people who give definite results; They are the people who suffer from partial hair loss, defined as type 3, type 4 and type 5. Hair loss in these people is in the form of dilution.

For people with large hair loss, it is possible to get the desired result with a treatment plan of several sessions.


Another feature of people who give a definite result of hair transplantation is those with dark hair color and thick hair strands. One final note; It is important to pay attention to the issues suggested by your doctor before and after the hair transplantation, to perform what is expected from you in the desired order in order to reach the final result of the hair transplantation.

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