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Written by Hulya Alkan.

Reviews of Those Who Have Nose Aesthetics

1. @mcagici , Prof. Dr. Can Alper Cagici , Adana

"My nose surgery at 38 years old due to the arched nose"

Decision stage:

I was good and bad with my arched nose until the age of 38. I have never had a problem with my nose. It wasn't nice but it was mine. I was consoling myself with celebrities with arched noses but no surgery. Barbra Streisand, Tom Cruise, Merly Streep, Uma Thurman, Gérard Depardieu… But I always thought of how I would look with a proper nose. With age, I noticed that my nose was tilted to the right and my cartilage at the tip of the nose grew bigger. I gradually began to look hot for nose surgery. My wife had been an ENT specialist for years and focused on rhinoplasty. He has not been in an approach that will guide me until now. As I saw the before / after photos of my wife's patients, "I wonder how can I be?" his thinking started to develop. And I have it done, I am very happy with the result.

On the day of surgery:

I was very nervous after the surgery. I was dreaming about leaving the surgery and coming to my room. I was in no pain, I was sleepy and my nose was like a stuffy nose. I especially wanted my head to be high, so that the blood would not go to my throat. Frankly, I did not bleed. I made an effort to warm up for a long time. My hand and foot were cold, we could see that there was less oxygen from the device attached to my finger when circulation was less. That's why I took oxygen with a mask sometime. I never felt the need to look in the mirror. Because I knew it would be misleading. I could not apply ice to my face because I am allergic. Normally, you should apply ice frequently to avoid swelling and bruising.

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2. @ flower23 , Op. Dr. Metin Kerem , Istanbul

"Big change: my rhinoplasty and chin implant"

Decision stage

As with many people, this site has helped me a lot, so I am also sharing my experience here. I share my photo before with you. :)) On September 30, 2017 in Istanbul, Dr. I was very excited to meet with Metin Kerem. I was looking forward to fixing two things on my face: my nose and my chin. Yes, you guess I hated taking photos on profile, I was uncomfortable when someone was sitting next to me. I normally live in Bali and I was in Istanbul for 8 days. I made up my mind and of course I was a little nervous. I love the new shape of my nose. Even at 2 weeks my nose was still stuffy at night. My chin implant looks fine. I am very happy with my decision.

One day after surgery, one word: Ahhh !!

One word: Ahhh ahhh! My face was very swollen. I can't wait for this swelling to go away. I can barely see through the swelling. Has anyone of you been like this? I never thought it would be this bad. The surgery went well, it's over, you don't know. But I woke up in pain and then took a bunch of painkillers and overcame this for a few days.

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Kiss. Dr. Metin Kerem

Kiss. Dr. Metin Kerem

3. @ RK1998 , Op. Dr. Emre İlhan , İstanbul

"My Rhinoplasty Surgery to Op. Dr. Emre İlhan"

how I decided to rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty decision stage:

I've wanted to change the shape of my nose since the age of 19. I decided to have a Rhinoplasty surgery in Istanbul. Emre Bey's right doctor from the first day   I felt that it was not wrong. I became sure when I researched the comments of Emre Bey and those who had nasal aesthetics. Emre Bey has at least 3 interviews with each patient before the surgery and a personalized surgery plan, and the communication you establish during this time is very, very important. Emre Bey's analysis, guidance and approach made me feel very comfortable in the preoperative period.

Before nasal aesthetic surgery:

Before being taken to the operating room, Emre Bey definitely visits every patient, this eased my excitement.

After rhinoplasty surgery:

When I came out of the surgery and recovered, I did not have any problems other than thirst, I was completely myself when I drank water, I did not experience nausea in any way, I did not feel pain, aches, pain, and before long, Emre Bey came to me.             

My discharge date (Day 2):

I was discharged the next morning after my doctor's visit.

If I need to comment about the hospital, we were very pleased with all the facilities and staff, the food was very nice, especially the nurses were very interested, they made them feel very good. Thanks again to all of them ..

7th day after rhinoplasty:

My plaster and tampons were removed that day was my most enjoyable day because I felt that I was breathing in a higher quality than I have ever had in my life, that I was enjoying the oxygen I breathe, a feeling I had never experienced before.

14 days after the operation

After nose aesthetics

Here are photos from the 14th day. We took off the tape yesterday. There is still swelling. By the way, you can ask whatever you want. I love my nose. It is getting better day by day. It's still swollen which is normal but it will go down.

We removed my tapes as a result there is no recipe for my happiness !! I know it will take a while for my thick-skinned and swollen nose to settle down.

As a result of nasal aesthetic surgery:

The result of any success is not a coincidence, nose aesthetics on the internet   Emre clearly shows his difference from other doctors even in the results of the comments of those who have already experienced, and you once again understand that you are in the right place in the first interview. I love to take care of myself after rhinoplasty.

The comments of those who had rhinoplasty during the decision-making phase were also very effective.

From the very beginning, I have trusted my doctor, one of the best decisions I have made in my life, Op. Dr. It was Emre İlhan, thank you very much again, to everyone who wants millet ..

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4. @OjemRujumRimelim, Assoc. Dr. Haldun Kamburoğlu, Ankara

"My Nose Aesthetics Experience"

Surgery is not something you fear, you can have your operation safely and with peace of mind in a good physician and a full-fledged hospital. Comments of those who have rhinoplasty like me are important.

November 2014

After many years of contradiction, and after reading the comments of those who have rhinoplasty, I finally decided to have a rhinoplasty surgery in November 2014.

Decision stage before rhinoplasty:

The most challenging part is the selection of the doctor rather than the surgery, the comments of those who have rhinoplasty, and the decision on the surgery.

Because it is not a temporary situation such as a haircut or eyebrow removal or even lip filling, but rather a permanent change in the middle of your face that affects your appearance 100%, so it is very difficult to decide! The comments of those who have nose aesthetics are always the same.

After overcoming this difficult phase, you start looking for an answer to the question of which doctor can do it best.

I was very lucky in this regard, I did not remain in contradiction at all, I did not research other physicians and confuse me, and one morning I came across the comments of a patient who had 'Rhinoplasty' at Hacettepe University Hospital while reading the comments of those who had rhinoplasty.

Hacettepe University has a special place in me, I continued to read with excitement as soon as I saw it. Of course, I searched Google and reached the contact information in this process, I kept saying to myself if it was the right time and the right doctor to have the surgery, please, the things would be easier than I hoped.

Assoc. Dr. I contacted Haldun Kamburoğlu and made an appointment 2 days later.

First examination before rhinoplasty:

I went to the hospital half an hour before the examination time and had a chance to see the other patients of the doctor.

I had the chance to get the comments of those who had rhinoplasty from the patients who had surgery 1 week ago and who came to the 3rd month control . It is very effective to backstage before the appointment, if you have plans to have surgery, be sure to go to your appointment early and get the comments of other nasal aesthetics and talk!

And the turn came to me, the doctor greeted him with a very caring and smiling face and explained every situation, how it could be applied to my nose and the postoperative period in detail.

During my examination, a call came to the doctor and one of his patients wanted to postpone the surgery date :) I am very lucky in this process, the doctor, whose appointments were full for 4 months, wrote me on the day of the patient who gave up and I was going to be operated exactly 1 week later. I've been through everything calmly up to this point.

Before the operation:

The day before the surgery, my calmness blew with the stress and fear that peaked. I wonder if I give up? What if it's bad? All sorts of questions, such as if it hurts a lot, how can I hold on, kept my head busy until the morning. When I read the comments of those who had nasal aesthetics, I realized that they had the same psychologies.


I remember attempting to operate at 8 in the morning with a little tears of fear, saying that no medicine could put me to sleep while I was opening the vascular access, and that's all! there is no post.

Open technique has been applied to me. I didn't feel anything because I was under general anesthesia. When I woke up, I was in the hospital room at 14:00 and I had an ice pack on my face.

I had swelling on my face and bruises, especially under my eyes. This situation can vary from body to body. Even now, my doctor is doing surgeries with a new technique without bruising (I did not read this in the comments of those who have rhinoplasty).

I have the characteristic of being bruised immediately even with the slightest impact, so I was prepared for such a situation. But still, one gets a little worried when you see yourself so swollen, purple, and bandaged. There was no trace of bruises exactly two weeks after the operation. The swelling on my face went down earlier.

By the way, my friends said that I would be very cold while I was sobering up, and I even brought wool socks and fleece pajamas, but I did not experience such a situation because I was wearing warm blankets as if they were heated in the oven.

I stayed in the hospital for 1 night, the nurses came every half hour to measure and check my blood pressure, and they did painkillers at regular intervals until morning. I did not experience any serious pain. The doctor came for control the evening of my operation.

My discharge day after rhinoplasty: (Day 2)

My hardest day was the first day after surgery.

Gauze was wrapped around my mouth to absorb the leaks, and they kept changing until morning. I was able to sleep soundly for half an hour after the pain relievers. I was able to do this only 3 times.

I had a sleepless and hungry night. I could only barely have a drink. In any case, in order to get rid of the narcosis from the body quickly, it is necessary to drink water constantly and the nurses came and went and checked how much water I drank.

I always tried to drink water at every opportunity, even if I was forced to experience a terrible dry mouth because I was constantly gaping. It is useful to take a lip balm with good moisturizing properties, you are experiencing the most severe lip dryness you will see in your life (this was a situation that I did not read in the comments of those who had nasal aesthetics)

The next morning, the doctor came to check again and changed my dressings. He explained how my surgery was going on, and he told me over and over again what I should do after the surgery and was discharged.

My new nose step by step after rhinoplasty

I got through my first day at home without any pain, the leaks were almost nonexistent, but I had great difficulties while eating. I couldn't chew or bite anything because of the bandages. I managed with soup, juice and fruit purees. Since there was no sense of taste left, I just continued whatever I could eat and drink out of necessity.

The tampons were removed 3 days after the rhinoplasty and a plaster cast was removed 7 days later. Tapes were attached to the nose and tip. I traveled with bands for a week. On the day the tampons were removed, I had brief panic moments again, I had a terrific fear that it would hurt, but it did not turn out to be as I feared, and it came out painlessly in seconds.

At that moment, I cannot describe the pleasure of breathing again, as if my world was enlightened. Before the operation, I had a breathing problem on my left side, now breathing from both sides is great! After the tampons were removed, I constantly cleaned my nose with seawater spray and applied the cream given by my doctor to prevent incision marks. I applied the cream twice a day for 1 month and there was no trace of surgery on my nose.

I took a shower for the first time 4 days after surgery.

Let's talk about the appearance of my nose, I woke up with a different nose almost every morning after rhinoplasty. I was depressed from time to time, I took my breath with my doctor in every depression. He said that this is the process and I should be patient (comments of those who have rhinoplasty were like this)

Since the edema does not descend equally in every region, I started the day with a wide nose with swollen sides one day, a nose with a swollen tip and a relatively upturned nose another day with a swollen and left nose.

At first, the tip of the nose is quite high and upturned, and over time it gets into shape and takes shape. I think this is the most important process! We want to see the position of the nose after the surgery, but it requires time and patience. As a result, a living tissue is intervened and it takes time to heal. You need to keep your expectations realistic by considering the comments of those who have rhinoplasty.

6 months later

It has been 6 months since my surgery, edema has largely decreased, but it takes a little more time to find its shape completely.

I constantly share images from my Instagram account, you can watch step by step how my nose will look in 1 year, and you can also follow the comments of other nasal aesthetics on the internet.

As a result:

In summary; Surgery is not something you fear, you can have your operation done safely and with peace of mind in a good physician and a fully equipped hospital. The important thing is, after finding a good doctor, tell him what you want in detail.

I specifically requested that my voice never change (nasal hissing, etc.), that my expression would not change, and that my breathing problem would be improved. Luckily everything turned out as I wanted.

Do not go by taking a picture of a celebrity or someone who has had surgery before and saying I want this nose because we all have different proportions of eyebrows and eyes. It would be wrong to expect you to get the same result as the person you're showing, or to look like him.

Explain exactly what you want and do not want, if you have already reached this stage, you are trusting your doctor. Immerse yourself in your doctor!

I realized that it is nonsense to be biased towards aesthetic operations with my nasal aesthetic surgery, if you do not feel well when you look in the mirror or if you always need to hide a place, what could be wrong with changing this situation that negatively affects your quality of life and makes you unhappy? Of course, as long as you do not exaggerate and do not go away from naturalness ...

I had my surgery at Hacettepe University Hospital. So it's a public hospital. I read that there is a distance from public hospitals in the comments of those who have rhinoplasty. I don't say it for all of them, but one should not be prejudiced in such operations against state hospitals.

I did not write every detail because it would get longer as the article got longer, basically I shared the most curious ones. If you have questions, please leave a comment or send an e-mail privately, at this stage, the comments of those who have had rhinoplasty are very helpful and I would like to answer your questions as much as I can.

4. @chunlibeauty Op. Dr. Fatih Peker , Istanbul

"My nose aesthetic surgery and after"

I have a more beautiful and functional nose, what more could I want!


My friends who follow on Twitter know more or less about the process I live, but I wanted to write a long time on my blog in detail and tell the process I went through to the troubled friends like me. As a matter of fact, I am aware of how important the comments of those who have rhinoplasty are at this stage.

Decision stage before rhinoplasty:

I talked to many doctors. I read the comments of those who have nasal aesthetics. I learned that the price varies a lot according to the reputation of the doctors .. 17, there are 5 who say oooTL, there are also those who say oooTL ..

While we were wandering around in such confusion, we knocked on the door of a hospital in Etiler upon the recommendation of my doctor friends. Dr. After a long meeting with Fatih Peker, we agreed and set a date. Then I had my blood test and returned home.

Before the operation:

When my appointment day came, I died of excitement and changed my decisions a thousand times. As soon as I stepped into the hospital, I was so excited that my heart would jump out of my mouth ..

While we were waiting in the waiting room, we had a short preliminary interview with the anesthesiologist. Later, when we were in the room, it was 9-9 and a half, I think they said let's get a serum for you .. I still don't understand what that serum was. I didn't even remember when I left the room.


Anyway, when I opened my eyes again in the same room (I think 12-12 and a half hours) I thought that the serum tied to my arm had a slight plunging effect and that I was sleeping and waking up for a short time. I even remember my first sentences very clearly, why did I sleep? I said wouldn't I be, when will I be ..

Because when I closed my eyes, it was the same room, and when I opened the same room, the elapsed time seemed like 15-20 seconds. : D Anyway, I said, don't force yourself, it's done and I'm not dead! I'm still at the point of not dying :) I feel pain, I have a lot of pain, believe me, I didn't think grams, my only thought is if I die? Okay, I accept that I'm exaggerating, I don't know that I'm so anxious :)

The only effect of narcosis on me was the nausea that I felt after waking up .. After eating something, they made me walk a little so that I could relax.

Everything was in normal order like approximately 3bucuk .. My only problem was swelling of my face .. We took it under control by making 15 minutes of ice compress every half hour ..

My discharge day after rhinoplasty (2nd day)

I thank my brother Pınar, who couldn't sleep all night with ice compresses :) Before leaving, our doctor saw us and said everything is ok, gave us our prescription and discharged us.

We continued the ice compresses throughout the day and at night. In addition, I took the painkillers, antibiotics and nasal spray and started using it. On the 2nd day, I compared myself to Piglet.

I was able to shoot my sister's gift White Flowers when I came home;

3 days

Rotten Yellow Apple (My wife's analogy): My swelling and bruises were very low and I left the ice compress because I was exhausted or bored. On the 3rd day, I took a warm shower and switched to my normal clothes. I even did my hair etc. to make myself feel better .. We spent the whole day with my brothers and my wife pecking around :) They were stuck at home because of me :)

4 days

At noon, we went to the hospital to have our silicone tampons removed. Fortunately, he passed away without any pain.

I was breathing well when the tampons were there, but when I got out, I started to get better .. My nose was cleaned and creamed and we were sent home ..

7 days

(My nose tip is quite up right now, but this is a normal thing, it will take 1 year for my nose to fit :). I have already read this in the comments of those who have nose aesthetics).

A week has passed, now there is very little swelling on our face, but the bruising etc. has completely disappeared ..

We went to the hospital with my friend The splint was removed and the stitches were removed .. When the plaster was removed, I briefly looked at my nose face is my face, but this nose? How do I look different .. I thought it would take some getting used to ..

Then my nose was taped so that it would not swell and sit. Buddha would stay for 5 days.

Day 8

So today, I am telling my friends who have health problems and dislike the shape of their nose that there is no reason to be afraid :)

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