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What is Nasolabial Filling?

Nasolabial filling is an application that is used to treat the nasolabial line that is small or large on almost everyone's face. The depth of the nasolabial line makes the person look older than they are and the facial expression seems more unhappy. Filler treatment is a very effective method for a younger, more vibrant and smoother skin.

Nasolabial filling is one of the most preferred medical filling applications with proven benefits. It is a procedure that can be easily performed by anyone over the age of 18, regardless of whether male, female or young or old.

You can find more detailed information about nasolabial line and filling application in our guide.

Everything You Need To Know About Nasolabial Filling

There are many factors that affect the prices of the application. In particular, the province where the application will be performed and the selection of the specialist doctor; It is determined according to the filling material, the amount of material and the depth of the line. If other facial fillers will be applied in addition to the nasolabial line, the price increases.

The laughing line filling prices are between 1,500 TL and 2,500 TL on average.
There are certain factors in the formation of this line and it cannot be prevented since most of them are natural reasons.
  • Loss of elasticity of the skin due to aging.
  • The start of skin sagging due to time and environmental factors.
  • Frequent laughter and laughter in daily life.
  • Owned genetic features.
  • Intensive use of mimic.
Since these and other similar reasons are inevitable, individuals who are uncomfortable with the nasolabial line can easily prefer filling application.
The area where this process, also known as the laughing line filling, is applied, is one of the middle parts and focal points of our face. It looks like a big line because it starts from the wings of the nose and goes down to the mouth. There may be only one deep line, or there may be other small lines accompanying it as it approaches the mouth area. The filler is applied to this aforementioned area and as a result, the line is expected to lose its clarity as much as possible.

The environments where the transaction can take place; hospitals, clinics or polyclinics. Nasolabial filling does not have great risks and is easy to apply. However, for the best results, an experienced and expert doctor should be worked on. In the first examination, the area is examined by the doctor and the patient's expectations are listened. Afterwards, the amount of filling to be applied and how many sessions this will be done are decided according to the depth of the line.

Unlike most medical filling applications, the reason for nasolabial filling in sessions is the size of the area. Since there is a deep hole, the amount of filling to be injected is also high. Performing the injection in one go may cause the filling material not to spread to the area and to form hard spots inside.

The application stages are as follows;
  • Local anesthesia or numbing cream is applied to the area to avoid pain.
  • Required amount of hyaluronic acid-based filler is taken into fine-tipped needles or cannulas.
  • The filling is started to be injected slowly and carefully along the line.
  • After the first injection is finished, the next session is decided.
After the first session of the application, the results begin to be noticed and it is observed that the region has moved away from the striped appearance. If it is to be done, the final result will come out after the second session. "When does the nasolabial filling sit?" The answer to the question is; It is approximately 1 week after the filling is applied.
Fillers used in medical aesthetics are divided into three as permanent, semi-permanent or non-permanent according to their content. Since the nasolabial line is in the face area and is moved a lot, non-permanent substances are generally preferred. Semi-permanent filling materials, which are rarely used, show their effect between 1.5 and 3 years.

Non-permanent fillers are hyaluronic acid based. Depending on the area to be applied and the brand of the filling, there may be some changes in the content. The reason they are not permanent is because they already exist in human nature. As they are absorbed over time, they are excreted by the body. Although the permanence of nasolabial filling varies depending on the patient applied, it maintains its effect between 9 and 18 months on average. If the patient is satisfied with the result, he can repeat the application after the effects of the first filling have passed. The retention time also increases after each time.

The most commonly used hyaluronic acid in practice is completely harmless and has no serious side effects. Moreover, it is easy to apply and gives very positive results. Small-scale rashes and swelling can be observed only due to the injection process and these disappear in a short time. Hyaluronic acid does not melt the tissues in the injected area, on the contrary, it strengthens it and provides fullness and vitality to the skin by allowing the cells to absorb more water. Since it does not restrict the mimic muscles, there is no loss of mimicry.
The application takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to perform. It is a painless procedure and you can return to daily life immediately after application. However, there are some details that need to be considered in order to get maximum efficiency from the results.

Immediately after the filling is applied, cosmetic products such as make-up materials and acid-based products should not be contacted for about 7-8 hours. Strenuous exercise and sports should not be done for 2 days following the application. Environments such as baths, saunas and spas where exposure to very hot water and steam should be avoided for 10-15 days.
The people who should not have nasolabial filling are as follows;
  • Cancer patients,
  • Chemotherapy and radiotherapy,
  • Those with immune system diseases,
  • Diabetics,
  • Those with various allergic diseases,
  • Persons under the age of 18.
The success of the results obtained after nasolabial filling application is quite high. If an experienced doctor in the field is selected, the application process is completed with the right steps and as a result, 100% patient satisfaction is achieved.

After a successful procedure, what can be obtained is as follows:
  • The sagging in the area disappears and the skin becomes smoother.
  • The skin starts to look fuller and more vibrant.
  • The unhappiness in his facial expression disappears.
  • When laughing, the line formed is very small.
  • The face becomes younger.
  • A symmetrical appearance is obtained.

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