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What is Mustache Transplantation?
If there is no hair growth on the upper lip or hair loss in men, the definitive treatment is mustache transplantation. Mustache transplantation is hair follicle transplantation in areas of the skin where mustache hair does not grow on the upper lip.

Mustache Transplantation is a method that benefits men who do not grow hair in the mustache area due to different reasons, with a mustache transplant. The lack of hair in the mustache area is caused by the trauma of the area or the lack of congenital hair follicles, which are called as corners due to genetic reasons.

While drugs or herbal solutions in different derivatives that produce mustache often do not provide a beneficial return, mustache transplantation is applied as the only and most effective method to remedy the hair deprivation in the upper lip area. Healthy hair follicles to be used for mustache transplantation are taken from mostly healthy hair follicles in the nape of the neck, as in hair transplantation. In the mustache transplantation, the hair follicles separated from the nape area one by one are transferred to the mustache area one by one.

Everything You Need To Know About Mustache Transplantation

After the mustache transplantation, the transferred hair roots, which continue to maintain their characteristics in the nape area, begin to grow after a while. For this reason, the mustache area should be shortened periodically. Especially when mustache transplantation, dense and dense hair follicle transfer and close positioning are not preferred because in a mustache transplantation performed in this way, a nutritional problem will arise due to the narrowness of the area.

When performing mustache transplantation, it is necessary to take into account the frequency of transplantation and the nutrition of the hairs. As a result, after an average of 4 months, when the transplanted hairs hold and go into their natural growth cycle, it is planned to correct the sparseness by repeating the mustache transplantation.
In mustache transplantation, the FUE Method, especially the preference, is due to the unsatisfactory results of the FUT Technique. The primary purpose of mustache transplantation is to work in the field as efficiently and quickly as possible without taking the risk of root death, and this can only be achieved with the FUE Technique.

While the fine-tipped instruments used in mustache transplantation neither take the hair follicles from the donor area nor transfer the hair follicles to the mustache area, the patient does not have a distinct appearance of scarring or transplantation.

Another important issue for mustache transplantation is to pay attention to the slope of the placed hair follicles. If beard transplantation is to be done with mustache transplantation, the existing donor hair follicles should be determined very well and a hair structure should be created as compatible with the patient's face as possible.

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