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I would like to thank Doctor Ilis Hanim and his assistant Cagla...

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What is Nevus Ignition?

Spotting on the skin that occurs over time or has existed since the moment of birth, darker than the skin color, both level or puffy (raised moles are called meat me) are referred to as "me".

Moles (nevi) are generally harmless, their color and size are different. If there is no situation that disturbs the person in terms of aesthetics, moles do not need to be removed, but some moles negatively affect the quality of life or are easily damaged due to the regions in which they are located.

There is no harm in removing the problematic moles. I Remedy, also defined as mole treatment, is an easy procedure.

I Never mind operation; It should be planned by specialist doctors and applied in a clinic or hospital environment.

It should definitely be checked whether moles, which are considered critical after removal, carry a cancer risk by pathological examination.

All You Need To Know About Never Mind I (Nevus)

The prices for the I-Eliminate process are determined according to the diameter of the mole to be taken. Up to 50% discount is applied on the price applied for a single mole in the I Never mind transactions where more than one mole is to be purchased.

(For example, in transactions involving the purchase of 3 moles, 700 TL for the first mole and 350 TL for each mole after the second and a total of 1400 TL are paid.)

The process of taking over is covered by SGK.

If the clinic or the hospital that will carry out the I Aldırma process has an SSI agreement, the prices are carried out within the scope of SGK or with the discount rates of the relevant center under the SGK agreement.

Moles 5 mm in size and smaller average 400 to 700 TL; Moles larger than 5 mm in size are charged at an average price range of 800 to 1400 TL.
Ben Ignore, can be applied to anyone from the age of 12 who has no health problems.

Mole Removal is a treatment that is generally used in situations that cause aesthetic discomfort, but in some cases, moles need to be removed and examined or followed up. People with the following conditions are the right candidates for I Never mind;

  • People with a cluster of mole, meat me or mole on the face, décolleté or any area that bother you,
  • People with moles in the body parts where the sun's rays are in direct contact (especially the "back of the hand", "nose", "ear" and the moles around the face should be checked where the sun is in direct contact)
  • People with mole in hairy areas such as hair, beard (hair combing, beards can damage the moles in these areas during shaving. Also, these points prevent easy operations such as combing and shaving.)
  • Moles in the leg, hand and foot area can often experience traumas such as bumps, injuries and bleeding. People with me and meat me in these regions,
  • People who have flesh moles that come into contact with areas such as underwear and sewing areas of clothing may consider the Mole Removal operation.
Mole Removal is an operation that takes an average of 15 minutes for each mole under local anesthesia in a clinical or hospital environment.

Fractional laser is used in the treatment of mole removal. The application starts after the area to be removed is anesthetized with local anesthesia.

During the application, eyes are protected from laser rays. For this purpose, the person will wear glasses that cover their eyes during the operation.

In the Mole Removal process, laser beams break down the melanocytes at the point they reach and the lysed melonocytes are expelled from the skin.
The person's comfort level is high during the mole retrieval process. There is no pain, no pain sensation.

There may only be a slight burning sensation in the burnt area, this is a temporary feeling. Sensitive persons may feel discomfort from the odor during application.

The mole removal process is completed with or without stitches according to the size of the mole to be taken. If stitches are made, these stitches are removed after 1 week.

In this process, contact of the relevant area with water should be avoided, and supportive creams recommended by the doctor, if any, should be used regularly. After the stitches are removed, a mild swelling and redness are observed in the treated area. This rash loses its color over time and turns white and a mother-of-pearl white color occurs in the area where the mole is removed.
The person may feel a slight pain on the first day after the removal, this is normal and can be resolved with simple painkillers.

Recovery after ignoring spans a certain period. In the first weeks, redness and swelling may be observed in the treated area. This area of the mole area, which is usually processed within the first month, will start to light pink and then whiten.
After I ignore, there may be a slight dimple in the area of the moles taken. Over time, as the color takes on a natural appearance, the pit will not be felt.

After I ignore, the color pigments in the relevant area will be one or half tone deficit of the skin color. This color is visible if viewed carefully from different close range.

It is not possible to say that there is no scar or pit after the removal process. Since it is a matter of removing a piece from an area, there is always a scar in the relevant area, albeit slight.
I in the process of ignoring; The most preferred method because it can be completed with the least scars and complications: "Laser Mole Removal" is the procedure.

Except this; There are also options such as I Never mind with surgery, I Never mind with the evaporation method, I Never mind with the freezing method and I Never mind with radio frequency.

Surgery is not preferred unless it is very necessary today. Both the complication of the application stages and the postoperative period.
Since the procedure will be completed with stitches, there is absolutely no obvious scar, and Ben Aldırma is not applied except for state hospitals.

With the freezing method, there is a risk of leaving a pit after the mole is removed because of the necessity to go deep in the area to be frozen. Evaporation and Radio frequency are the most preferred methods after laser and Ben Aldırma treatment.
A doctor's opinion is definitely required for the detection of moles that will be removed with I Never mind. However, moles with the following situations should be removed.

  • If I have bleeding (nevus)
  • If a rash is observed around me,
  • If the moles are in an asymmetrical image
  • If there is itching in moles,
  • If moles have different color tones than they should be,
  • If there is an increase in the hair on the mole,
  • If the circumference, frame and edge irregularity are detected
  • If there is a crust on me
  • If the size of the mole is increasing rapidly

In cases where these complaints are seen, moles should be examined by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist and the moles should be removed to determine whether there is a pathological problem.

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