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First of all I want to be a good cop, but I'm the only obstacle in front of me unfortunately. thank you in advance :)

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16 May 2019

With the lengthening surgery, the femur (thigh) and tibia (calf) are very safe limits to obtain an extension of 6 and 5 cm. but if you just want the extension of your thighs or thighs would not bother you as it would bother you because of the appearance of the outside. I don't recommend stretching thighs and thigh bones in a single operation. this is a rather severe surgery. These extensions can be completed over a period of 1.5 years in 2 separate sessions. however, it will take you 2 years to be ready for the body exam to be a police officer. Best regards Dr Halil Balcı tel: 0532 512 4727

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