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Treatment Anesthesia cream
Recovery Time 1-2 days
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Laser hair removal is the elimination of unwanted hair follicles in the target area with laser beams that do not damage the skin surface, which can be applied to every part of the body except around the eyes.

Everything You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal arranged in a clinical environment by the specialist doctor, with the number of sessions and session intervals planned individually; It is based on the principle of destroying and ultimately destroying the cell called papilla, which has the task of producing hair follicles, by laser beams.

Laser Hair Removal can be applied to every part of the body, including the genital area, except around the eyes. The duration of treatment differs from person to person. Factors such as the area where laser epilation will be applied, the person's skin color, the color and structure of the hair, the brand / model of the laser hair removal device are effective on the success and processes of the treatment.

Laser Hair Removal is a treatment that can be applied to anyone over the age of 18, men and women. With the decision of laser epilation treatment, the area and / or areas where the application will be applied are determined. For each region, the condition of the hairs in the relevant area is studied and it is decided how many sessions a treatment will be planned. The most important factor affecting the planning of laser epilation treatment in multiple sessions is the growth stages of the hair that differ from person to person.

Generally, Laser Hair Removal prices are prepared in package form. Each package includes a specific number and duration of sessions.
Average whole body laser hair removal price: While it varies between 2000 and 7000 TL, it can be applied to small areas such as between the eyebrows for prices in the range of 50-100 TL. 

With the decision of Laser Hair Removal, the area and / or areas where the application will be applied are determined. For each region, the condition of the hairs in the relevant area is studied and it is decided how many sessions a treatment will be planned.

While small areas such as chin and mustache are completed in 2-3 minutes, the session duration of larger areas such as the back and complete legs extends up to 1.5 hours.

During the treatment, the person's eye shadow is covered to protect from laser beams. The area to be epilated is cleaned with alcohol and the area is scanned with one of the laser types with different beam wavelengths. Each laser shot scans a specific area of the skin.

Although we recommend the clinical environment for laser epilation to be done safely, today there are also those who prefer laser epilation at home. For Laser Hair Removals in a clinical setting, the average of treatment session intervals are 4-6, and the duration and dose of Laser Hair Removal is determined according to the hair structure and skin color tone of the person. This treatment plan can be extended up to 6 to 8 sessions at home.

Laser Hair Removal results can be evaluated by looking at the laser epilation comments of those who use devices at home.
This treatment is an application with processes. After the first session, it is not possible to completely get rid of the hairs, never to come out again. It is important to plan Laser Hair Removal session intervals. At least 6 sessions are required.

Treatments are repeated every 3-4 weeks. In this process, the hairs are expected to be weakened and diluted compared to the past.
In the Laser Hair Removal preparation process, first of all, it is necessary to find the right doctor. It is very important to have the application done in a clinic under the supervision of a doctor. It is possible to encounter negative cases related to Laser Hair Removal in beauty centers.

 There are some points to be considered in order to get the most benefit from the application.

1- Use Sun Protection Cream: It is important for the success of the application that your skin color is light and your hair is dark. Apply a sunscreen cream with at least 15 protection factors to the areas to be treated.

2- Do not use wax and hair yellowing: Stop waxing at least 2-4 weeks before the application and do not use hair yellowing products.

3- Shave the Application Area: Shave the hairs in the area to be applied as recommended by your doctor for laser application. Generally, on the day of application, it will be requested to shave the area before coming to the clinic.

4- Do Not Use Cosmetic Materials: Do not use cream, deodorant and similar cosmetic materials on the day of application.
Your doctor will decide whether Laser Hair Removal is the right treatment for you. The most curious about Laser Hair Removal is whether there is an age criterion.

In this regard, our user's "From what age can Laser Hair Removal be applied?" Our doctor Dr. Altuğhan Cahit Vural replied as "Laser Hair Removal can be done after menstrual period for women".

Healthy men and women over the age of 18 who have no problem with Laser Hair Removal can be treated. The effectiveness of the treatment is higher in people with light skin and dark hair compared to people with light colored hair.
The sensation of pain during and after Laser Hair Removal varies according to the skin tone. Many people with this experience describe the pain felt during the session as rubber pain hitting the skin.

It is possible to make the person feel more comfortable with the treatment of anesthetized tropical cream to the skin, with solutions with regional cooling functions such as ice compress and cooling spray during or after the session.
Laser Hair Removal must be performed by a specialist in the field of skin, such as dermatologist, dermatologist and / or plastic surgery.

You may want to see the doctor's previous practices, get information about the technology used, and be enlightened about the suitability of this technology for you. You should also inquire about details such as the number of successful transactions and the certificates owned.
People under the age of 18 who continue to develop hormones are not treated. In addition, Laser Hair Removal Treatment should not be applied to unprocessed hair (quince hair) under the age of 18. The stronger the hair root, the higher the success of the procedure.

  •  Laser hair removal should not be applied to people diagnosed with skin cancer, herpes patients, people who have to undergo different laser treatment or have recently received this type of treatment, those who are pregnant and breastfeeding.

  •  Laser beams are effective on the pigments in the hair follicle that give the hair a black color, so people with red, white, gray and very light yellow hair are not suitable candidates for Laser Hair Removal.

  •  Women with male-type hair growth problems due to hormonal disorders should be treated to correct the hormone condition before laser hair removal treatment, and then Laser Hair Removal treatment should be planned.

  •  It is not suitable for Laser Hair Removal in tan skin. It cannot be applied to people whose skin color has changed with the sun or solarium until they return to their normal skin color.
You can find Laser Hair Removal devices below:

  1.  Ruby; It is preferred for people with very white skin. Melanin (pigment) absorption level is strong.
  2.  IPL; It works well with all skin types. The sense of pain is low. It is effective even on light colored hair. Its use in small areas such as chin, mustache, armpit and chest gives effective results.
  3.  Alexandrite; It can be used on all skin types except dark skin types.
  4.  Diode; It is also known as "ironing" and is known for allowing Laser Hair Removal  to be performed on people with dark skin types. It is applied at high speed and thus enables rapid travel in larger areas.
  5.  Nd YAG; It is an effective laser on light skinned, thick or thin, black and dark brown hairs. It is not effective on people with light hair and dark skin.
When looking at the damages or side effects of Laser Hair Removal , one of the most boring side effects that can be encountered, although rare, is the burns on the skin surface where the application is performed or itching after laser.

Burn problem after Laser Hair Removal is usually due to the accumulation of melanin in the skin by sun or various tanning methods. Again, rarely, hyperpigmentation, ie dark pigment increase or hypopigmentation, ie discoloration on the skin surface may be experienced.

One of the questions on the Yeniben Question and Answer page regarding itching after Laser Hair Removal  is as follows:  "Hello, I am doing Laser Hair Removal. After the treatment, there is swelling and itching on the legs. Two days do not pass, what can I do, what do you recommend me to use, thanks."

To this question in our doctors Dr. Birgül Erden responded as follows: “In some bodies, there may be temporary redness, itching, swelling with laser effect on the first day. In such cases, we recommend the use of antihistamine cream. " One of our doctors practicing Izmir, . İbrahim Tanju Adalı : “Perifollicular edema and itching that may last 2-3 days after Laser Hair Removal is an expected reaction. Massage with cold water can be good, if it is an unbearable itching, you can consult a doctor and get medical support ”.

 Other possible side effects that will improve in a short time immediately after the treatment;
  •  Ache
  •  Bloating
  •  Rash
  •  Water collection in the application area
  •  Opening some wounds
  •  A viral condition such as herpes
  •  In rare cases, there is an increase in hair production.

The effect of the treatment on you begins to be seen after 3-4 sessions of application. Not having great expectations after the first session will keep you away from disappointment.

The final results of the treatment, where progress is recorded step by step, are expected to take place between 4 and 6 sessions. In some cases, the number of sessions may increase and in some cases it may decrease.
In order to be permanent, only 6-9 sessions should be applied. It is difficult to get long-term results with fewer sessions.
The treatment is to destroy the cells in the hair follicle by laser heat treatment.

Since the damaged stem cell cannot nourish the hair follicles, after a few sessions, hair growth begins to be delayed, grow weaker and less, and hair growth ends when the application reaches the producer cell of the hair follicle, Papila.
Lazer epilasyon uygulamasının kalıcı olup olmadığı uygulamayı yaptırmak isteyenlerin merak ettiği bir konudur. Kalıcı olabilmesi için ancak 6-9 seans uygulanmalıdır. Daha az sayıda seans ile uzun süreli sonuçların alınması zordur. 
Ayrıca lazer epilasyonun kökten çözüm mü sorusu da lazer epilasyon yaptırmak isteyenler tarafından sıkça sorulan sorulardan birisidir. Lazer sonrasında tüy köklerinin çoğu yok olduğu için yeniden çıkması mümkün olmaz. Özellikle son teknolojik cihazlar sayesinde neredeyse %90 bir oranla tekrar bu sorunla karşılaşılmadığı görülmektedir. 
Lazer epilasyon zararları ya da yan etkilerine bakıldığında nadir olsa da karşılaşılabilen en sıkıcı yan etkilerden biri uygulamanın yapıldığı cilt yüzeyinde meydana gelen yanıklardır ya da lazer sonrası kaşıntıdır. 
Lazer epilasyon sonrası yanık problem genellikle güneş ya da çeşitli bronzlaşma yöntemleri ile ciltte melanin birikmesine bağlıdır. Yine nadir olarak hiperpigmentasyon yani koyu renkli pigment artışı ya da hipopigmentasyon yani deri yüzeyinde renk açılmalarının yaşanması söz konusu olabilir. 
Lazer epilasyon uygulaması sonrası kaşıntı ile ilgili olarak Yeniben Soru-Cevap sayfasında yer alan sorulardan birisi şöyle: 

“Merhaba ben lazer epilasyon yaptırıyorum uygulamadan sonra bacaklarda kabarıklık kaşıntı oluyor iki gün geçmiyor ne yapabilirim ne kullanmamı tavsiye edersiniz, teşekkürler.” 
Bu soruya doktorlarımızda Dr. Birgül Erden şöyle yanıt verirken: “Bazı bünyelerde ilk gün lazer etkisiyle geçici kızarıklık kaşıntı kabarıklık olabilir. Bu gibi durumlarda antihistaminik krem kullanılmasını tavsiye ediyoruz.” , İzmir lazer epilasyon tedavisi uygulayan doktorlarımızdan  Dr. İbrahim Tanju Adalı: “Lazer Epilasyon sonrası 2-3 gün sürebilen perifolliküler ödem ve kaşıntı beklenen bir reaksiyondur. Soğuk su ile masaj iyi gelebilir çok dayanılmaz bir kaşıntı ise bir doktora görünerek medikal destek alabilirsiniz” şeklinde yanıt verdi. 
Uygulamanın hemen ardından kısa sürede iyileşme gösterecek olası diğer yan etkiler; 

  1. Ağrı 
  2. Şişkinlikler 
  3. Kızarıklık 
  4. Uygulamanın yapıldığı bölgenin su toplaması 
  5. Bazı yaraların açılması 
  6. Herpes gibi viral bir rahatsızlığın oluşması 
  7. Nadir vakalarda kıl üretiminde artış yaşanmaktadır. 

  • Lazer epilasyon kansere yol açar mı? 
 Lazer epilasyon zararları var mıdır araştırmasını yapan birisinin aklına ilk gelebilecek sorulardan birisi de lazer epilasyonun kansere yol açıp açmadığıdır. Lazer epilasyon daha önce de bahsedildiği üzere cildin hücrelerinden geçip  sadece  derinin üst tabakasına etkindir. En çok merak edilenlerden birisi olan yumurtalık kanserine yol açar fikri de yanlış bir bilgidir.  Böyle bir vaka tespit edilmemiştir.
  •  Lazer epilasyon kısırlığa yol açar mı?
Yine bu soru da lazer epilasyon zararları ya da yan etkileri araştırması yapan kişilerce çok sık sorulan sorulardandır. Lazer epilasyon cihazlarının çalışma sisteminde enerji gücü doku altında yalnız kıl folekülünün olduğu katmana kadar inebildiği için böyle bir sonuç söz konusu değildir.

Lazer epilasyonun güvenli şekilde yapılabilmesi için klinik ortamını önersek de günümüzde evde lazer epilasyon uygulamasını tercih edenler de bulunuyor. Klinik ortamında lazer epilasyon uygulamalarında ortalama bir lazer epilasyon seans aralıkları 4-6 ve lazer uygulama süresi ve dozu ise kişinin kıl yapısı ve cilt renk tonuna göre kararlaştırılır. Bu tedavi planı evde lazer epilasyon uygulamalarında 6 ile 8 seansa kadar uzayabilmektedir. 
Evde lazer epilasyon için evde lazer epilasyon aleti kullananların lazer epilasyon yorumlarına bakılarak lazer epilasyon sonuçları değerlendirilebilir. 
  • Evde Kullanabileceğiniz En İyi Lazer Epilasyon Aletleri Nelerdir?
Evde lazer epilasyon kullanan kişilerin en iyi lazer epilasyon aleti ve lazer epilasyon yorumları ve deneyimleri araştırılarak hazırlanmış lazer epilasyon aleti listesini sizinle paylaşıyoruz: 
  1. Philips Lumea Prestige IPL (BRI953/00)
  2. Philips Lumea Advanced IPL (SC1997)
  3. Philips Lumea Advanced (SC1999/00)
  4. Remington IPL6750 i-Light Prestige
  5. Braun BD3001 Silk Expert 3 IPL
  6. ROWENTA EP9600 IPL Instant Soft Epilasyon Aleti
  7. Xiaomi Inface ZH-01D Ipl Epilasyon Aleti
  8. Fakir IPL 200.000+ Satinskin Pro IPL Lazer Epilasyon Aleti
  9. Babyliss G947E Homelight Golden Edition
  10. Arzum AR5043 Pure Touch Pro IPL Tüy Alma Sistemi

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