What is Laminated Tooth Coating?
Laminated tooth coating, also known as leaf porcelain among the people, is a type of coating that provides a natural appearance because it is thin and has a high light permeability.

This application, which is one of the most preferred aesthetic treatment methods by dentists, is used for patients who want to remove certain deformities in their teeth or who have lost their tooth color for various reasons. It is a preventive treatment method due to the minimum tooth loss during the application.

Everything You Need To Know About Laminate Veneer

The pricing of the laminated tooth coating application varies according to the doctor who will apply the application, the province, district and district where the clinic is located, but the cost of the treatment varies between 1,100 TL - 2,500 TL for each tooth.

Laminated tooth coating, or porcelain laminates, is a frequently used treatment method to eliminate many aesthetic defects in teeth. Most commonly:

  • To correct tooth discoloration losses that arise due to diet, long-term use of antibiotics or genetic reasons and cannot be eliminated by tooth whitening techniques
  • For the treatment of tooth aperture (diastema)
  • To repair small tooth loss due to decay or breakage
  • To correct the appearance of mild tooth curvatures that are not at the level of orthodontic treatment
  • In cases where the size of the teeth is not satisfied, laminated tooth crowns are used to resize the teeth by elongating them.

Porcelain lamina is not applied if the patient has severe gingival recession, Bruxism (teeth grinding) disease or severe tooth decay.
Laminated tooth coating treatment is usually completed in 2 sessions, and the patient has the desired aesthetic smile within a week.
Session 1

  • The first meeting with the dentist takes place and after the general dental examination, if the patient's tooth structure is suitable for laminated tooth coating, the details of the treatment are discussed.
  • The tooth structure of the patient and the dental appearance that he wants to have after treatment are modeled in the computer environment.
  • After the teeth and tartar are cleaned, the upper tooth layers are lightly rasped after local anesthesia.
  • The size of the filed teeth is taken and transferred to the computer environment and sent to the dental laboratory for porcelain lamina production.

Session 2

  • The dentist checks the suitability of the veneers produced specifically for the patient on each tooth one by one.
  • After the control, if the patient is satisfied with the result, the veneers are permanently adhered to the tooth.
  • The application time for each tooth is approximately 30 minutes.
  • The dentist informs the patient about oral care after coating.
  • Thanks to the thin and highly light-permeable porcelain coating, a very close to natural appearance is obtained.
  • The treatment period is short.
  • It fits perfectly with the gums.
  • It provides a satisfactory solution to tooth curvatures and deformities in a very short time.
  • Laminas are used for many years if the necessary issues are taken into account after the procedure.
  • Since the intervention to the tooth is very light during the preparation phase, the tooth structure is not damaged and the tooth tissue is preserved.
  • Since it is designed individually, it can be produced in the desired color and size and there are many color options.
  • It has high resistance to staining and abrasion.
  • Hard foods that are consumed carelessly may cause cracks in the coating surface, in which case the coating must be renewed.
  • The filing process applied to the surface of the teeth to be coated can increase tooth sensitivity.
  • Care should be taken when consuming nuts and nuts.
  • Habits such as pencil chewing and nail biting should be abandoned.
  • Care should be taken when consuming hard candy and foods that can damage teeth.
  • Teeth should be brushed twice a day.
  • Toothpaste with abrasive ingredients should not be used.
If the teeth are properly cared for after the application, porcelain laminates can last up to 30 years.

Written on 11/12/2019


Last Update: 22/04/2021


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