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Treatment Genel ya da lokal anestezi
Recovery Time 7-10 Gün

What is Hymen Repair (Hymen Reconstruction)?

Hymen repair "hymen repair", also known as "hymen repair", is the name given to the operation performed to restore the integrity of the hymen, which is a combination of the Latin originated Hymen (hymen) and "-plasty" meaning aesthetic surgery.

The hymen is a socially important structure in many societies. Hymen repair (hymen repair), which is not mandatory in terms of health, is an aesthetic practice. The surgery is performed by "Obstetricians".

Everything You Need To Know About Hymen Repair (Hymen Reconstruction)

Hymen repair (hymen repair) prices; It varies according to the technique of the surgery, the type of anesthesia to be taken, the price policy of the surgeon, clinic or hospital, the city or even the district.
Hymen repair (hymen reconstruction) surgery is an operation that takes about 30 minutes, which can be performed under both general and local anesthesia, in a hospital or clinical environment, depending on the preference and the scope of the surgery. Hymen repair is commonly performed by the Flap Method and microsurgery method if operations such as vaginal tightening are also planned.

The flap method is also called "Permanent Hymen Repair". With this method, the hymen is completely repaired. In the flap method, the normal vaginal mucosa is opened and the hymen tissue is tried to be formed, it is more permanent than the "Temporary Hymen Repair", there is no time limitation, it preserves its strength until the first intercourse. Permanent Hymen Repair can be done at least 4-6 weeks before sexual intercourse. During the recovery period, sexual intercourse should be avoided and the procedures recommended by the doctor should be done carefully.

In cases where results are desired in a shorter time, "Temporary Hymen Repair" can be performed. Microsurgery method is preferred in temporary hymen surgery that can be performed from 1 day to 10 days before the intercourse. The operation time is shorter than the flap method. It is preferably performed under local anesthesia. There is no recovery period. The aim of this method is to provide bleeding during the first intercourse by sewing the area with microscopic threads.
Hymen repair (hymen repair) surgery is an operation that can be applied to all women over the age of 18, whose hymen is torn in some way. The hymen is not only broken during sexual intercourse. To the vagina area; It may develop due to an object insertion, improper examination, self-satisfaction or a severe blow, sports accidents or many other reasons.

Regardless of the reason, in the early or late period, if the hymen tissue can still be found, permanent hymen repair (hymen repair) can be performed. Hymen repair surgery cannot be performed because it will not be possible to find hymen remnants in people who have had many sexual intercourse and have had many births.
Hymen repair (hymen repair) surgery is applied with 2 different methods. The healing process after permanent hymen repair is longer than after temporary hymen repair. Since the temporary hymen application is usually planned a few days before sexual intercourse, the things to be considered include the process until the intercourse. However, the duration of permanent hymen repair is longer for the healing process and what needs attention. The purpose here is based on the preservation of the repaired tissue for many years.

After the hymen repair (hymen repair) surgery, many physical activities should be limited during the first week. It is recommended to take a break for 7-10 days from sports, heavy exercises, heavy lifting, gymnastics, ballet that require spreading the legs, and rest as much as possible. At the end of 7 days following the surgery, light exercises can be started depending on the doctor's control.

After hymen repair (hymen repair) surgery, strict compliance with the care and cleaning recommended by your doctor will help the healing process to go smoothly.
One of the most curious questions in the comments of hymen repair (hymen repair) is whether the post-operative operation can be understood. It is definitely not understood before and after intercourse that the hymen is repaired. However, it can be understood in a specialist examination. It is not possible for the partner to understand that they have undergone hymen repair surgery.

Another question asked in the comments of hymen repair (hymen repair); Does the repaired hymen give 100% success? So will the repaired hymen bleed? Yes, the success rate of hymen repair results performed by a specialist doctor is 100% and bleeding occurs.

Another question that seeks answers in the hymen comments is whether the hymen repair surgery can be performed after abortion or during the period of menstrual bleeding. In order to perform hymen repair (hymen repair), there should be no bleeding at the time of the procedure. For this reason, hymen repair can be done 10 days after the abortion or at the end of the next period. For whatever reason, hymen repair surgery should be done during periods of no menstrual bleeding in order to ensure full hygiene conditions.

Is it possible to find out why the hymen is damaged in hymen control? It cannot be said why the hymen is damaged, it can be determined whether it is intact after control.

Another question that is frequently wondered about hymen comments is whether the hymen is self-healing… The answer is clearly No. It is not possible for the hymen to heal spontaneously. The only treatment is hymen repair (hymen repair) surgery. Hymen repair is not possible with any medication or ointment.

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