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What is HydraFacial Skin Cleaning and Skin Care Application?

HydraFacial medical skin cleansing and skin care application provides both cleaning and care of damaged skin tissue that has lost its moisture and elasticity, has skin problems such as spots and acne.

The most important feature that distinguishes medical skin care made with the American FDA-approved HydraFacial device from other applications has a therapeutic feature as well as skin cleansing.

The sessions are planned as 4-6 sessions in total, with no shorter than 15 days. After the "Hydrafacial" skin cleansing and skin care application, the skin in the face, neck and décolleté area is thoroughly cleansed and a visible reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, spots and acne scars on the skin surface is observed.

Everything You Need To Know About HydraFacial

The price of "Hydrafacial" skin cleansing and skin care application varies according to the solutions to be used, the skin type, the type of application chosen, the province, district, doctor and the number of sessions of the clinic to be applied. "Hydrafacial" skin cleaning and skin care, which is a personalized care and treatment method, is carried out at an average price range of 800 TL to 2,000 TL. These prices are a single session fee.
"Hydrafacial" skin cleansing and skin care application is completed in an average of 20-30 minutes without pain and pain. The first step of this combined skin cleansing and care application, which consists of 4 steps in total, is skin cleansing.

1- HydraFacial Skin Cleansing / Vortex-Cleansing:

The skin is deeply cleaned with the HydraFacial MD device called Vortex, which has a special technology that makes pressurized spraying. In this cleansing phase, the skin is extracted by pressurized spraying of rich serum and vacuuming (Vortex-Extraction); It is cleansed of dirt that prevents the skin from breathing such as dead skin, blackheads, excessive oil. With Hydropeel Exfoliation, the skin is peeled at micro-level and the pores are opened.

2- HydraFacial Serum Infusion:
In this second step of the "Hydrafacial" skin cleansing and skin care application, the structure and problematic areas of the skin are treated with specially prepared serums. While serum with hyaluronic acid is applied for dry skin and fine wrinkles, it is planned to apply an oil-balancing serum to the T area with white and black spots, enlarged pores and excess oil.

3- HydraFacial Hydration / Vortex - Fusion

At this stage, with Vortex technology, the skin is deeply moistened and nourished by applying moisturizing solutions, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptide-containing solutions to the skin.
4- HydraFacial Led Therapy:

At the last stage of the application, the "Hydrafacial" skin cleansing and skin care session ends with the application of LED Therapy, known as light therapy. At this last stage, Led therapy is selected according to the needs and type of the skin. If you have a skin with acne problem, then blue light, if there are problems such as fine wrinkles, elastin loss, red light therapy is applied. In both LED therapy applications, the collagen-forming cells of the skin are stimulated and awakened, thus tightening the skin is observed after the application.

"Hydrafacial" skin cleansing and skin care is a process that can be applied to all men and women over the age of 20, in 4 seasons. In early applications, therapies for acne and oil problems are generally selected, while anti-aging therapies are planned for middle age and older.
"Hydrafacial" skin cleansing and skin care;
  • Fine lines and skin types with elastin loss
  • Skin types with acne and oily problems
  • Superficial skin spots
  • Opening in pores
  • Blackhead problem
  • Skin discoloration
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Dull and pale skin types and
  • Skin types that have lost moisture
It is an application that can be preferred in the treatment and cleaning of one or most of the problems such as.
After the "Hydrafacial" skin cleansing and skin care application, no handling is performed on the skin surface by hand, so no redness or bruising is observed. Therefore, the person can return to his daily life immediately after the application.

Not washing the skin for 24 hours after the "Hydrafacial" skin cleansing and skin care application is important for the absorption of the serums used during the application. For this reason, make-up should not be applied after the application, the skin should not be cleaned with some purifiers (including rose water) or washed.

After "Hydrafacial" skin cleansing and skin care, a significant improvement and shine is observed on the skin surface. This effect continues to increase over time, and fine wrinkles decrease with the continuation of the sessions. Skin tightens. The color tone of the skin is balanced. Visible reduction in skin spots, including sun spots, is noted. In addition, the oil balance of the skin is established, while the pores are tightened, the problem of acne is resolved. It is recommended to repeat the application once a month after continuing the treatment during the anticipated session in order to have permanent results.

There is no special case to be considered before applying "Hydrafacial" skin cleansing and skin care, it is expected that the person will come to the application without make-up.
"Hydrafacial" skin cleaning and all stages of skin care are carried out by a device called HydraFacial. Since there is no manual intervention (squeezing, pressing), there is no pain during the procedure.

Since there is no injection, there is no needle pain. The procedure is short and painless, anesthesia is not needed. After the application, no pain or ache is felt.

Written on 30/05/2017


Last Update: 22/04/2021

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