By Bahar Ozbal • Medical review by Ufuk Alatekin, MD on February 08, 2021

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Emphair Hair Transplant, MD
Saç Ekimi
Ataşehir / İstanbul
Suleyman Tas, MD
Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Şişli / İstanbul
Nedim Budakoglu, MD
Medical Aesthetician
Kadıköy / İstanbul
Medical Aesthetician
Şişli / İstanbul
Ufuk Alatekin, MD
Medical Aesthetician
Şişli / İstanbul
Gold City Hair Transplant
Saç Ekimi
Ataşehir / İstanbul
Hermest Clinic Sac Ekim Merkezi
Saç Ekimi
Üsküdar / İstanbul
Muhammet Ozgehan, MD
Saç Ekimi
Çankaya / Ankara

Questions and Answers

2 years ago
Can the sown steel sheets be removed and re-planted?

Hello there. I'm writing from Switzerland. Can the sown steel sheets be removed and re-planted? I have added sheet metal but...

1 year ago
I want to have hair transplanted, but do I constantly use drugs that cause trouble?

Hello, I would like to have hair transplanted but I have medicines that I use continuously: Lithuril 300mg 4pcs Wellbutrin...

1 year ago
Is this shampoo suitable for after hair transplantation?

Hello. Is the shampoo that I share this photo suitable for using after sheet cultivation?

7 months ago
The front of my hair has started to open.

Hello, I had long hair 5 years ago as it is now, but I had a nap. In the meantime, my front sides started to open. My barber...

1 year ago
My friend abroad has a hair breaker.

My friend abroad has a hair breaker. He wants to come to Istanbul and be treated. Is hair transplantation suitable? can you...

3 months ago

Hello, I'm 43 years old... I was diagnosed with LUPUS as a misdiagnosis in the past and my doctor had taken very heavy LUPUS...

2 years ago
I have added a sheet 2. When is my gundeyim?

I have added a sheet 2. What time does Gundeyim extend? Thanks.

2 years ago
I have sackiran zannetdigim 2-3 1 cm-of small rings have hair transplantation work?

Hello, I have 2-3 sackiran 1-cm-small rings I think there is a sheet, planting here would benefit? For example, if the sheet...