What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the name given to the operation of transplantation of hair follicles taken from the donor area (mostly from the neck area and the hairy sides of the head) to the area where the hair thinning and / or baldness occurs.

How much is the price of hair transplant surgery?

Firstly, the operation technique to be selected depends on the size of the area to be operated on, the province where the operation will be performed, the clinic, the doctor and the number of grafts to be transferred.

The average price of 1 graft varies between 1.5 TL and 7 TL. FUT technique is a lower-cost operation compared to FUE Technique. Both of the operations’ costs range between an average amount of 4000 - TL 12,000 TL.

How To Perform Hair Transplant Surgery?

How To Perform Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair Transplant Operation is an operation which takes between 3 and 8 hours depending on the size of the area to be transferred and the number of grafts to be transferred (hair transplantation, hair follicles and some skin in it), and it is performed under local anaesthesia.
Hair transplantation surgery is completed in 4 phases;

Phase 1 (Preparation Phase)
Pre-operative surveillance is performed to check the general health status of the person. It is checked whether the person is a suitable candidate for surgery or not.

Preparation Phase

Hair transplantation area, the donor area where the hair roots will be transferred and how many grafts can be transplanted are determined. The person on whom the transplantation will be performed is laid face down and the entire head area is disinfected with alcohol and made ready for processing.

Phase 2 (collection of grafts from the donor area)
It refers to the collection process of grafts. The area is numbed by local anaesthesia before this procedure.

Phase 3 (Preparation of grafts)
It is the process of getting the grafts collected ready for transplantation. The grafts collected at this stage are separated from the skin and the live and healthy roots are taken to the appropriate storage environment

Phase 4 (Transplantation phase)
It is the stage of hair planting. At this step, which is considered to be the most important step of the transplantation process, the person is placed on the back, local anaesthesia and regional numbness are provided. The channel opening phase bears a distinct sensitivity for the right angle and appearance of the hair to be added.

What are Hair Transplantation Techniques?
Hair transplantation operations are performed with two techniques called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation).

1- FUE Technique

FUE Technique
FUE Technique is the process of transferring hair follicles into a bald area by removing them one by one in a circle with a device named micro motor. The FUE Technique is recommended for men and women with smaller  hair loss problems.

2- Fut Technology 
Fut Technique is the technique of the removal of tissue section containing hair follicles by means of linear incision and transfer of the grafts obtained from the extracted tissue and hair follicles to the bald area.

Is The Hair Transplantation Surgery Healing Process ?

The healing process differs depending on the type of operation. In FUT Technique which is a surgical operation both the transferred area and the donor area are covered with bandages.

There is no need to wear a bandage on the FUE technique. It is not recommended to wash the head before 48 hours have passed. Bandages are removed and hair can be washed only if it is the 3rd day following the operation. The sutures after the operation are removed after 15 days. After the hair transplantation; no matter which technique is used, the person may go directly to home.

While the healing process varies, it is expected that the exuviation of the scabs will take place within 10 days. Usually the recovery process begins on the 15th day. The progress of the recovery afterwards differs from person to person.
Is Hair Plantation a Right Surgery For Me?

In the midst of their 30s, everyone with adequate donor space for operation, with no health problems, and both male and female candidates are eligible for hair transplantation.
Hair transplantation is okay:
      • With people with male pattern hair loss,
      • In areas with burn and trauma problems,
      • On surgical scars
Hair transplantation can be done.
It is enough to have proper hair gaps to make a hair transplant. Therefore, one doesn’t have to wait for the hair to fall, open or let the front hairline go back.

Is Hair Transplantation Surgery a Painful Operation?
Hair transplantation is not an operation during which you will feel any pain. During the operation, local anaesthesia is applied in order for the person not to feel any pain. Afterwards, the process is usually completed without the need for pain reliever.

FUT Technique or FUE Technique? Which technique is right for me?
Those who are faced with a problem of intense hair loss are right to apply the FUT technique to those who need to close a larger area in one go.

People with hair loss and rarity in smaller areas may prefer the FUE technique.

One of the most significant differences between the FUT technique and the FUE technique is the cost of the operation. FUT is a lower priced operation than FUE Technique.

Why Is Hair Transplantation Surgery Not Suitable For Me?
Age is the most critical factor in hair transplant operation. As the hair loss occurs very fast up to 40 years of age, the pace slows down when this age limit is reached so that the person enters the appropriate candidate status for hair transplantation.

As hair loss continues in Hair Transplant Operations performed before 30s, treatment will have to be repeated. For this reason, it is recommended to wait for hair transplantation for those who are experiencing hair loss problem during early ages.

Hair transplantation is not recommended for people with diseases such as heart, diabetes, blood pressure, liver and kidney failure.

What is the Best Season for Hair Transplantation?

This is a four-season feasible operation. There are a few important warnings that should be followed after the operation;
      • During the 7-10-day recovery period following the operation, it is necessary to protect the area where the plantation took place from UV rays. If the summer months are preferred for the operation, it is important not to go out to the sun in this 10-day period.
    • It is not recommended to go into the sea for the first 15 days but you can benefit from the healing properties of sea water afterwards.
• The best time to have a hair transplant is when the person who will go through the hair transplantation surgery will be able to take at least 5 days off out of h\her workload.
Are There Nonsurgical Alternatives To Hair Transplantation?
PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Although it does not promise to be as accurate as a hair transplantation, there are alternative methods to hair transplantation.

1- PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
It is the process of patients suffering from hair loss are treated by centrifugation of the platelets in the blood taken from the patient's own blood, and the reconstituted hair is initiated by injecting the obtained platelets into the area where weak or dead hair follicles are present. The PRP method is the most preferred method today.

2- ETG (Electro Tricho Genesis) Medical Hair Loss Treatment
This method, also known as hair phototherapy, is based on the movement of the root cell by stimulating the hair dye with a semi-spherical cap with electrodes on it.

3- Hair Mesotherapy
It is the name given to various vitamins and minerals are given to the microinjection method applied to the target tissue to feed the hair root and increase blood circulation.