What is Hair Loss Treatment?

Hair loss treatment is applied to improve hair loss and loss due to aging or any other reason. Hair loss can be around the whole head or be local. Adult individuals lose an average of 50 to 100 hair per day, and this is completely natural. However, if this number increases gradually or if a spillage is observed in a single area, it should be checked as soon as possible.

Hair loss treatment is highly preferred by men because from the age of 20, hair reduction occurs in almost every man. However, there are hair loss and decreases in women for many different reasons such as pregnancy and menopause. For this reason, people can choose the treatment that can be a solution to the problem in their hair, accompanied by experts.

You can access detailed information on the subject, especially hair loss treatments, from our guide.

Everything You Need To Know About Hair Loss Treatment

There is no single price for hair loss treatment. Because there are different treatment methods and procedures that can be applied according to the condition of each patient. Variables affecting wages; The chosen treatment method can be exemplified as the clinic / center, the specialist to apply, the province to be applied, the density of hair loss and the amount of baldness.

Mesotherapy : is between 400 TL and 1.000 TL on average. It is charged per session.

PRP : average between 1.000 TL and 3.000 TL. It is charged per session.

Hair Transplant : Average between 7,000 TL and 25,000 TL.

Hair Simulation: Average is between 2.000 TL and 7.000 TL.
There are many reasons for hair loss, and depending on the advancement of age, both women and men experience gradual decreases and spills. However, it can also be seen in children and teenagers. This may be permanent or temporary, depending on the reason for the reduction or loss of hair.

Some of the reasons for hair loss are;

  • Genetic / hereditary predisposition
  • Nutritional factors
  • Hormonal changes
  • Medical treatments and side effects
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Psychological conditions and stress
  • Immune system problems
  • Skin diseases

Before starting the treatment of the patient, it should be examined and necessary tests should be done. At this stage, information about all chronic or temporary diseases should be obtained so that the right treatment can be selected. The most important issue to consider when choosing the treatment method is to determine the cause of hair loss or reduction. If hair loss is experienced due to an illness, disease or similar reason, it may be necessary to find solutions to these problems.


Mesotherapy, hair loss in particular; It is a versatile treatment used to deal with problems such as skin rejuvenation and treatment of wounds, cellulite, regional thinning and skin tightening. The purpose of mesotherapy applied to eliminate hair loss and hair loss is to strengthen the hair and make it healthier.

In the most basic terms, hair mesotherapy; It is applied by injecting a mixture with extremely healthy ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids and minerals under the skin. In this way, the blood circulation in the area is accelerated, the hair follicles are stimulated and activated and strengthened.

Mesotherapy treatment is applied in sessions and is completed in an average of 6-8 sessions depending on the hair condition of the patient. In the first sessions, a break of approximately 2 weeks should be given after each session. It may be necessary to wait 1 month between the remaining sessions. All these numbers and waiting times are determined by the specialist doctor specifically for the patient.

Although mesotherapy is an effective method to increase hair health, it is not permanent. Its effect starts to decrease after 1 year, so people can have the treatment again if they wish. Depending on the condition of the hair follicles, the treatments to be performed in the following years can be performed with fewer sessions. One of the positive aspects of this treatment is that daily activities can be continued immediately after the application. It is not a very painful procedure and should not be bathed for 12 hours after the application.

After mesotherapy is applied;

  • Hair loss in the area stops,
  • New hair starts to grow from living roots,
  • Hair becomes lively and thicker,
  • More voluminous and shiny hair is obtained.


With this method, which stands for "Platelet Rich Plasma", many diseases can be treated. It is a method frequently used to remedy the problems of stains, scars, acne and acne, cracks, skin (such as hand, face, neck, chest) and hair loss. Here, the treatment will be mentioned specifically for hair loss.

In PRP treatment, the drug is the patient's own blood, so there is no risk of allergic reactions. The blood taken from the person is put into the "centrifuge" device in tubes. Here, the device rotates the tubes at high speed to separate the blood from the plasma. When the blood is separated, the part rich in thrombocyte is exposed and this part is taken for use in treatment. Platelets have an extremely healing effect and this is their job in the body.

Platelet-enriched plasma, ie PRP, is taken into the syringe in the required amount. It is injected into the areas where shedding and reduction is seen on the scalp. This process is painless and takes about 30 minutes depending on the patient's hair condition. Since it is based on improvement, it is done in sessions and is completed in approximately 3-4 months. Approximately 15 days should be waited between sessions as the specialist deems appropriate. Generally, the effect begins to be seen after the first 2 sessions.

PRP treatment is not permanent, so its effect ends within 10-12 months. If it is repeated once a year after the first application, it may continue to be a remedy for hair loss and loss.

3-Hair Transplant

This process, also called hair transplantation; It is used in the treatment of individuals who experience hair loss and reduction due to some reasons such as aging, diseases and ailments. Since the rate of hair loss is high, this method, which is mostly used by men, can also be applied to women. Since it is an effective solution, the rate of preference increases day by day.

In the most general terms, it is carried out by transplanting the hair follicles taken from the nape and the sides of the head where the hair is dense to the sparse places. There are 2 methods used today for hair transplantation. Some variables that are effective in determining the method to be chosen are; The width of the area to be transplanted is the specialist and clinic to perform the procedure.

  • Hair Transplant with FUE Technique

In this technique, the hair on the side of the head or on the neck is removed one by one. Thanks to the micro-motor device, the hair follicles are separated from the bottom in a circular manner and the process continues until the required number is reached. The FUE technique is more preferred in cases of regional hair loss or in cases where reductions occur in a narrower area.

  • Hair Transplant with FUT Technique

In the FUT technique, the removal of hair follicles is performed as a linear incision. Generally, a strip of tissue determined on the nape of the neck is removed and these hair follicles are separated and grafts are obtained. It is then transferred to the determined balding area. The FUT technique is generally preferred in cases where baldness and hair thinning are seen in a wider area.

For hair transplantation, the area from which the hair is taken from the patient will recover and regain its normal appearance within 7-10 days. Gentle treatment and use of mild shampoo should be used during hair washing for the first 5 days after transfer. After 2-3 weeks, the transplanted hair may fall out and this is very normal. In time, those hair start to grow healthily. It should not be forgotten that it is necessary to wait approximately 3-4 months for the final result to be seen.

One of the most important aspects of hair transplant treatment is that it is permanent. If the transplantation process is successfully performed by experts, it will have a lifetime effect. Because the transplanted hair continues to grow in a healthy way.

4-Hair Simulation

Hair simulation is a process that allows the appearance of the hair to be changed rather than treated. It is a non-surgical cosmetic application. It enables thinning hair roots to look thicker or to give the appearance of hair growing in the balding area. There is no health risk and can be preferred in addition to other treatment methods.

During the hair simulation application, micro needles are inserted into the dermal layer of the scalp. Dyes that will look like hair follicles, which can also be described as small tattoos, are left here. It creates shading in that area and looks like new hair follicles. It is essential to choose a dye suitable for the hair color of the people. It is usually done in hair transplantation or shading centers.

To get the best results from hair simulation, experienced and certified experts should be consulted. Although it is not a permanent process, its effect continues for 1-2 years.

5-Drug Therapy

Hair loss treatment can also be possible with medication and vitamin supplements. However, this depends on the health of the person's hair. In the early period, when the hair starts to fall out or during the treatment, a supportive medication can be used. Medicines and creams not approved by the Ministry of Health should never be used.

There are also hair-growing medications produced for people who experience slowing hair growth and thinning and even baldness. Two of these are FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approved and are also used in our country.

  • Minoxidil : It is a vasodilator drug that causes blood vessels to widen. It helps to prevent baldness by contributing to the growth of hair during its use. It loses its effect within a few months after the treatment ends.
  • Finasteride : It is suitable for the use of individuals with androgenic alopecia, ie male pattern baldness. It has been observed in experiments that it reduces hair loss and contributes to hair regrowth. Although it is mostly used by men, it is also suitable for non-pregnant women. It is effective during its regular use, but the recovered hair follicles return to their original state within 6-12 months after the treatment is stopped.

However, it should not be forgotten that these drugs must have been prescribed to the patient by specialist doctors. It should be followed up during the treatment and used under the conditions recommended by the doctor.

6-Laser Therapy

Laser therapy; It enables thinning hair to become stronger and thicker, to minimize hair loss and to grow new hair. It is a risk-free method that is applied both in our country and in the world and has positive results. It should be done in a clinical setting and by experts experienced in this field. It can be preferred by everyone, regardless of whether men and women who experience hair thinning and thinning.

During the application, low dose "diode" rays are given to the patient with the help of the device. The rays, which are continuously sent through the laser bowl of the device, reach more than 100 points of the scalp. Hair follicles reached at these points are improved. In this way, while thinning, spills and volume losses are corrected, new hair growth is also provided.

Laser treatment takes place entirely with a program adjusted by the specialist according to the patient's condition. It is not a one-time procedure and is applied in sessions. The patient does not feel any pain during the application and the procedure is completed comfortably. The effect of the treatment takes place within 2 to 4 months.


Acella non-surgical treatments, emerged in America in 2008 and is a method began to be used in Turkey today. This method has been approved by the FDA that it has no side effects, but scientific studies on its benefit have not been completed yet. The basis of the treatment and its claimed benefit is to heal the hair follicles by providing the intercellular connection.

ACell treatment is applied together with the PRP method in our country and it is performed at once without the need for a session. Vitamins and specially formulated drugs are added to the PRP obtained from the patient's blood and mixed. The resulting solution is injected with the help of microneedles. Local anesthesia is applied to avoid any pain.

Thanks to the ACell + PRP formula, tissue reproduction is achieved by imitating stem cells. This improves the hair and increases its quality, causing both regrowth and reduction of shedding. This treatment can be applied to the patient alone or as a supportive one to strengthen the effect of hair transplantation.

8-Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is an alternative method against hair loss. Its use is not very common yet and its benefits have not been scientifically proven. For those who prefer, there are doctors and clinics that apply this treatment in our country.

Hair loss, loss, thinning and thinning are proof that hair stem cells are damaged or become passive. Stem cell therapy is also used to reverse this condition and heal damaged cells.

Healthy stem cells obtained from the patient's own fat tissues are injected into the scalp. In this way, both the scalp gains new cells and the old ones can be treated to a certain extent.
It is natural and even inevitable for the hair to gradually become thinner with middle age. The hair follicles enter the resting phase and the growth rate decreases, which is an average of 15 cm per year. It may be necessary to take precautions when hair thinning begins or when the rate of hair loss is higher than normal. If precautions are taken without the need for surgical or medical treatments yet, the thinning period can be extended by preserving hair health.

  • Products that wear out the hair; hair dryers, curlers and straighteners, hard combs and brushes, hair dyes and colorants, chemical cosmetics and the like. The use of these products can be reduced as much as possible.
  • Treatments applied to hair; Such as perm, rasta, tight gathering or knitting, combing when wet, harsh when combing. Although these procedures do not cause direct hair loss, they can damage the health and durability of the hair over time.

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