What is Laser Genital Whitening?

Genital area whitening treatment with laser is the process of lightening the hyperpigmentation in the skin around the vaginal area (including the thigh) using laser energy. Hyperpigmentation is a harmless skin problem in which some skin blemishes become darker than a person's normal skin. Discoloration in the vaginal area is usually caused by excess melanin in the skin. These color changes are usually limited to small spots.

Laser genital area whitening treatment is one of the genital aesthetic applications. The application is made by gynecologists who are experts in the field of cosmetic gynecologists. Laser bleaching and bleaching therapies are a kind of peeling (peeling the skin).

Everything You Need To Know About Laser Genital Whitening

The prices of laser genital area whitening vary according to the doctor, clinic and the volume of the procedure. With the treatment, the inner lips, outer lips, vaginal entrance, anal area, rectal area or the entire genital area can be bleached. The prices of laser genital area whitening are performed between 2000 TL and 5000 TL, depending on the scope of the treatment.
Many women experience hormonal changes due to gynecological diseases and birth. Laser genital area whitening treatment can be applied to people who have hyperpigmentation due to the use of birth control pills, polycystic ovary syndrome, hormonal problems, some skin disorders, and those who experience color changes in the relevant area after epilation.
The laser genital area whitening treatment is planned after a comprehensive examination performed by the gynecologist. In the application, where one session is usually sufficient, multiple sessions can be planned according to the needs of the region. It is forbidden to apply cream, shave, or expose to sunlight on the area to be whitened for three days before the procedure.

The laser genital area whitening treatment takes an average of 15-20 minutes. The application is done with local anesthesia. It is not a painful procedure. The laser genital area whitening treatment is based on the principle of destroying the pigment producing 'melanocyte' cells that cause darkening of the skin by laser energy and thus peeling the upper skin layer called 'epidermis'. After the peeling dark skin comes a lively, bright and pink skin layer. In the treatment of genital area whitening with laser, inner lips, outer lips, vaginal entrance, anal area, rectal area or all of the genital area can be whitened. After the procedure, the person can return to his daily life.
Laser bleaching is a safe, effective and easy treatment. After the procedure, the person can continue his daily life immediately. After the application, your doctor will recommend creams or creams to use during the healing process. Swelling (edema), redness or temporary darkening may occur in the treated area within the first week. It has also been noted that some people have problems with water collection. All of these effects are expected and considered normal stages of the healing process. At the end of the 1st week, the skin peels and sheds spontaneously, and a more vivid, bright skin texture appears from the bottom. At the end of 1 month, under the control of the doctor, the genital area will have its final appearance.

Avoiding activities such as loose cutting, wearing comfortable clothes, determining a comfortable sitting position while sitting, crossing legs, sitting on hard ground for a long time in the first week after laser whitening the genital area prevents possible irritation, pressure and sensitivity. Tissue healing is usually completed within the first week. If there is no swelling, pain or blistering, you can have sexual intercourse after this period.
Laser technology is an application that has been used for nearly 100 years and has proven its reliability. The penetration of laser light into the skin does not exceed a few millimeters. Beam depth is 1 to 4 mm depending on the type of application. has the depth of effect. There is no permanent damage to the skin after laser genital area whitening treatment.

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