The treatment of physiological damage caused by form and structural disorders in the genital area of women with cosmetic gynecology methods is called "Genital Rejuvenation", also known as "Genital Area Rejuvenation" or "Woman Aesthetics".

 Depending on many reasons such as aging, pregnancy and birth traumas, frequent weight gain and loss, hormonal deficiency and / or changes; The muscle and connective tissue in the vagina area wears out, expands, relaxes and sags. While these deformities damage the pelvic floor, they can also disrupt the wetness and elasticity of the vaginal wall. This situation affects the quality of life, self-confidence and sexuality of women; It causes complaints such as urinary incontinence, dryness in the vagina, a decrease in sexual stimulation and satisfaction, changes in color and form in the vulva, and sometimes unpleasant sounds during intercourse.

 In addition to radiofrequency and laser technologies in the treatment of "Genital Rejuvenation"; Mesotherapy, PRP and CGF (Concentrate Growth Factor - Stem cell-rich concentrated growth factor) filling, rope suspension and special peeling methods can be applied. In all of these treatment methods, it is aimed to rejuvenate the genital and bikini area. Genital and bikini area discoloration, genital area sagging treatment, genital area tightening, leg aesthetics, vaginal tightening, Q Shot (G spot enlargement), vaginal dryness and recurrent infections are also treated.

Everything You Need To Know About Genital Rejuvenation (Female Aesthetics)

"Genital Rejuvenation" treatment, which includes problems related to aesthetics and loss of function such as color changes in the genital area, sagging, loosening fat, cellulite formation, can be performed with radiofrequency and laser techniques, peeling, mesotherapy, rope sling and filling applications. Depending on the condition of the person, a single treatment may be sufficient, or combined therapies may be required.

Mesotherapy , stimulation of the cells and local application of hyaluronic acid, elastin, collagen, vitamins and similar substances that decrease over time to the problematic area increase elasticity, tightening, vitality and color change. It can also be applied to the bikini area. Although 2-3 sessions are usually applied every 15 days, this varies according to the need and the person.

PRP and CGF (Concentrate Growth Factor - Stem cell-rich concentrated growth factor) is one of the common methods applied to improve skin quality in medical aesthetics. Likewise, by applying it to the surface of the genital area, it is aimed to make this area look younger, brighter and less wrinkled by rejuvenating the tissue. The person's blood is taken into tubes and passed through a special process, and the platelet-rich plasma part (PRP) and stem cell part (CGF) are separated and applied to the person again. Thus, tissue repair is provided with the person's own blood. It is common to apply to the bikini area as well as the genital area. Usually 3-4 sessions can be applied every 15 days.

Peeling can be preferred especially for discoloration and darkening treatment. In addition, it increases vitality by contributing to the renewal of skin cells. It can be applied to the genital area and bikini area. The application can be planned as 3-4 sessions every 15 days. The treatment plan can change according to the needs.

Filler injection is one of the most common and demanded treatments in non-surgical genital area aesthetic applications. With aging, the genital area begins to lose skin tissue elasticity, hence its volume, and this causes wrinkles and sagging. The purpose of filling is to make the genital area look more voluminous, tense and natural.

Rope sling is performed by applying fusible threads to the area in the treatment of sagging and loosening in the genital area. It is also preferred for vaginal tightening and tightening. The application not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the genital area, but also increases its functional functions. The procedure is applied with local anesthesia in an average of half an hour and in one session.

 Radiofrequency technique; It is another form of treatment for reducing, filling and tightening the lips in the external genital area, narrowing and tightening the vaginal canal, increasing lubricity and wetness, and solving urinary incontinence problems.

 During the procedure, which is also referred to by the names of the Viveve and Termiva devices where the application is carried out, the connective tissues of the vaginal wall are stimulated, collagen and elastin fibers that provide flexibility are activated and the mucosa is rejuvenated. He can return to his daily life after the application. After the treatment, a noticeable narrowing is achieved in the vagina, and a positive effect on sexual life can be achieved by increasing blood supply in the clitoris and surrounding vessels. The treatment plan can be planned as 3-4 sessions at certain intervals, depending on the needs of the person from person to person.

 Laser technologies and genital area rejuvenation applications are generally applied with carbon dioxide laser systems. The purpose of this application; Thermal (heat) damage is caused by narrowing of the vaginal diameter, regeneration of the mucosa, and tightening of the submucosal tissues.

 The application , which is also known with the names of the Femtouch , MonalisaTouch , Diva and Femilift laser devices, provides an increase in moistening in the vagina and also helps to treat problems such as urinary incontinence. The process takes an average of 15-20 minutes. The number of application sessions differs from person to person, depending on criteria such as giving birth or not.
Color darkening in the genital area may occur due to pregnancy, use of birth control pills, hormone irregularities, cyst formation, infections, inappropriate waxing and laser use, and weight-related friction. In this case, it is possible to light 2-3 color tones in the genital area with laser peeling or peeling applications. Vagina Whitening is called 'labial whitening' or 'vulvar whitening'.

 "Genital Area Lightening with Peeling" treatment is an application that is completed within a maximum of half an hour. It is planned individually, although the number and frequency of sessions vary according to the condition of the person, an average of 2-3 sessions can be applied. After the application, the person can return to his daily life.

 Laser peeling is applied superficially with the help of fractional carbon dioxide (CO2) and fractional erbium oil laser beams. In the application, "melanocyte" cells in the dermis layer of the skin that cause darkening of the skin color are inactivated.
"Vaginal Tightening", also known as genital area sagging treatment or genital tightening, can be treated with both surgical and non-surgical methods depending on the situation.

 Genital Rejuvenation area sagging treatment is used both as a rope sling and mesotherapy as mentioned above. It can be applied with local anesthesia by combining the procedures and radiofrequency and laser techniques. Surgical method is applied with general anesthesia.

 Which method or methods will be used is determined as a result of a detailed examination by your doctor.

The method of tightening the genital area with rope sling and mesotherapy can be performed with local anesthesia on average in half an hour. The person can continue his daily life after the procedure. Rope suspension operation may be required in one session, while mesotherapy may need to be applied several sessions with 15 days intervals.

In the laser genital area tightening (vaginal tightening ) technique, the procedure takes an average of half an hour, and CO2 Laser (Carbon Dioxide Laser) technology is preferred. The procedure is applied in a single session in the clinical environment under local anesthesia in the gynecological examination position. A mild ache may be felt within the first week. During the healing process, complaints such as vaginal discharge and burning may occur depending on the situation. Sexual intercourse should be avoided for a while.

With radiofrequency, genital area tightening is applied in sessions. The number of sessions varies from person to person. It provides a longer but more comfortable healing process with a slower effect than the laser vaginal tightening application, the number and interval of sessions. Just like the laser method, the radiofrequency method is applied to people with mild and moderate vaginal enlargement problems. It is a method that does not require anesthesia.
Fillers are considered as one of the main elements of genital aesthetic applications. These fillings can be mainly hyaluronic acid-containing fillers or fat tissue injection.

 Hyaluronic acid is actually a substance used in most aesthetic applications that require fillers.

 In fact, most of this substance produced in our body from birth is in the structure of the skin; It decreases with aging and various living conditions. For this reason, it is used in many aesthetic procedures for skin renewal, fullness and volume. Therefore, in genital area aesthetics, it is also preferred to compensate for the loss of volume in these areas by injecting it into the inner and outer lips and vagina. At the same time, it provides repair by increasing the moisture and collagen production of the skin in the applied area.

 Another method is fat filling. The adipose tissue taken from the person's own fat deposits is enriched with stem cells and prepared for injection. It can be applied in an average of 30-45 minutes under local anesthesia. As with all adipose tissue transplants, swelling and edema may be observed in the procedure area in the first week following the application. The person may need to rest for a few days and wait a few weeks for sexual intercourse.

 It is possible to reshape the pleasure points of the vagina with both filling applications.

 The duration of the filler containing hyaluronic acid generally varies between 1-2 years. The duration of effect of fat filling is longer and may be partially permanent.
Vaginal dryness treatment with radiofrequency (Viveve, Termiva) is a very comfortable application that does not cause pain or pain. For the treatment of dryness in the vaginal canal due to hormonal changes and menopause;

 Radiofrequency waves are sent under the mucosa. It stimulates the glands that provide the lubricity of the mucosa and at the same time activates the collagen and elastin fibers in the area. The procedure takes an average of half an hour and the person can continue his daily life after the procedure. The number of sessions depends on the person.

 Erbium YAG laser technology is also one of the preferred methods. The purpose of this method; It is the treatment of dryness in the vaginal canal and related complications with laser beams and photothermal effect. The person returns to his daily life in a short time.

 These applications trigger the formation of new cells and increase in blood supply in the area. Therefore, due to the increase in collagen and elastin, it contributes to the treatment of vaginal dryness and related recurrent infections.

 These results-oriented treatments are solution-oriented. In addition, the causes of the problem should be investigated, whether there is any underlying discomfort or structural imbalance, and the predisposing factors should be evaluated.
A woman's sexual satisfaction, orgasm is achieved by stimulation of the G spot located under the anterior upper wall and bladder in the vagina or stimulation of the clitoris. The G point cannot be stimulated from time to time due to anatomical and sometimes physiological factors or the disappearance of the sensations in that area, and this causes the person to experience sexual reluctance.

 Within the scope of genital rejuvenation, the injection of hyaluronic acid, adipose tissue or stem cells obtained from blood to the area called the G-spot allows the G-spot to be enlarged. The application is performed during the gynecological examination, after the area is anesthetized with the help of local anesthetic creams, and the filling material is injected into the determined G spot. The process, also known as Q Shot and G Shot, takes an average of 20 minutes, and after the application, the person can return to his normal life immediately.

 The loss of sensation in the clitoris prevents the woman from reaching sexual satisfaction during sexual intercourse due to the fact that the region is not stimulated. The PRP technique is one of the non-surgical genital aesthetic applications that can be applied to the clitoris area. Mesotherapy, PRP and CGF (Stem cell) are non-surgical aesthetic applications that can be applied to the clitoris area. With these treatment methods, urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness problems can also be solved. The platelet-rich plasma and stem cell portion obtained from the person's own blood is applied under local anesthesia after a preparation period of 20-25 minutes. After the application, the person can quickly return to his normal life.

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