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What is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery, also known as gastric bypass, is one of the most commonly used methods in obesity surgery. As it can be done with open surgery, the bypass procedure, which is mostly performed with laparoscopic surgery, has two stages. In the first stage, the entrance part of the stomach is separated from the other part, which will have a volume of almost a tea glass. In the second stage, the small intestine is attached to the shrunken new stomach.

Everything You Need To Know About Gastric Bypass Surgery

The factors that determine the price of gastric bypass surgery can be listed as follows:

  •  Doctor
  •  Selected hospital
  •  Operation method
  •  Anesthesia team
  •  Post-operative stay
  •  The city, district and district where the surgery was performed

 The price of gastric bypass surgery varies between 15,000 TL and 40,000 TL throughout the country, depending on the above factors. These prices usually include preoperative examinations and 1-year patient follow-up afterwards. The average price of gastric bypass surgery across the country is 20,000 TL.

Two methods are generally used in gastric bypass surgery performed under general anesthesia by bariatric and metabolic surgeons:

RNY Gastric Bypass

 In RNY (Roux-en-Y) bypass surgery, which is the most applied method of obesity surgery all over the world, 5 incisions of less than 1 cm are made in the abdomen. A small section (approximately the volume of a tea glass) in the upper part of the stomach entered by laparoscopic method is separated from the wide section with the help of staples and a new stomach is formed. Then a part of the small intestine is cut and divided and attached to the new stomach. The intestine, which is attached to the new stomach, is combined with the intestine from the stomach that has been deactivated, and vitamin deficiency is prevented by continuing the enzyme transfer.

Mini Gastric Bypass

 In the surgery performed with the laparoscopic method, the stomach is divided into two parts by shrinking the stomach, just like RNY gastric bypass, but the connection is made without dividing the intestine. Therefore, food absorption is less. Since there are no two connections as in RNY gastric bypass, the possibility of bile reflux is higher in mini gastric bypass.
People between the ages of 18-65 who have a body mass index> 35 and who do not have any obstacle to surgery can have gastric bypass surgery if they are found suitable after the tests requested by the doctor.
  • Pregnant women
  •  Alcohol and drug addicts
  •  Mentally ill
  •  Cancer patients
  •  People who have had a heart attack in the short term
  •  Those with serious heart failure problems

Some of the general examinations requested from patients before gastric bypass surgery are as follows:

  •  Blood analysis
  •  Detailed abdominal ultrasound
  •  Stomach endoscopy
  •  Lung film
  •  Respiratory test

 Apart from these, there may be extra tests that the doctor will request.
  • Since the surgery is performed by laparoscopic method, patients can walk a few hours after the operation.
  • The discharge process is usually done on the 4th day after the operation.
  • Patients who do not work in heavy work can return to work 7-10 days after surgery. In other conditions, a 3-week rest period is allowed.
  • Light exercises can be started 6 weeks after the operation.
  • Since the incisions used in the surgery are around 1 cm, they heal quickly and the scars disappear to a large extent.
  • Routine doctor visits are available on the 7th day, 6th week and 6th month following the surgery.

  •  Leak tests are done for the first 48 hours after the operation, and if everything is in order, liquid nutrition is   started.
  •  After 48 hours, consumption of pureed foods can be started under the control of a dietician.
  •  After gastric bypass surgery, it should be fed in appropriate portions for the shrinking stomach.
  •  Foods should be consumed in small quantities and chewed well.
  •  Meals should be eaten in 3 main meals and 3 snacks.
  •  Care should be taken to consume at least 2 liters of water a day.
  •  The consumption of sugary and fatty foods should be restricted.
  •  Consumption of alcoholic and acidic beverages is not recommended, especially in the first months.

  • Since a piece of the stomach is not cut or removed, the procedure can be reversed in the future if desired.
  •  It offers an effective solution not only to obesity, but also to type 2 diabetes.
  •  Thanks to the shrinking stomach, it is more quickly saturated with less food.
  •  The probability of regaining the weight lost is lower than tube stomach surgery.
  •  Provides a fast and effective weight loss period for 2 years.

  •  It is a surgically difficult type of surgery.
  •  Endoscopic examination of the disabled stomach is no longer possible.
  •  Vitamin supplements are required as food absorption decreases.

Some of the risks that may occur during or immediately after gastric bypass surgery:

  •  Bleeding
  •  Leakage
  •  Embolism
  •  Infection
  •  Incisional hernia

 Some of the risks that may arise in the long term are:

  •  Ulcer
  •  Dumping syndrome
  •  Intestinal obstruction
  •  Lack of vitamins
  •  Anemia
  •  Bile reflux (after mini bypass surgery)
  •  Temporary hair loss
  •  Sagging skin due to weight loss
  •  Osteoclasis

No method alone can provide weight control in obesity surgery. If patients do not eat properly and do not follow regular exercise programs in their postoperative life, they may regain weight.

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