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Treatment Lokal anestezi
Recovery Time 1-2 Gün

What is Eyebrow Transplant?

 The eyebrows that reveal the beauty of the eyes and face and provide the integrity and expression of the face are shed, diluted and reduced for various reasons. Eyebrow transplantation comes to the rescue of those who are tired of painting their eyebrows every day.

 While expressing feelings and thoughts, with eyebrows that make a great contribution to gestures and gestures on the face, many things can sometimes be expressed without the need for words. Those who want to have the eyebrow model they want permanently find the solution with eyebrow transplantation.

 Muscles; It can be lost as a result of traumas, burns, accidents and some skin diseases, and it can be damaged by the influence of fashion trends. Shaped according to fashion and taken frequently for a while, eyebrows may weaken, and some areas do not come out even if they want to be thickened later.

Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Transplantation

Solution in Eyebrow Loss
Eyebrow transplantation, which can be applied for eyebrows that have been lost for various reasons and do not come back after the purchase, is also used as an effective method for those who want to have thicker eyebrows.
Patient and Doctor Decide Together
Eyebrow transplantation is applied by transplanting hair follicles resistant to loss in the nape area to the eyebrow area. The new shape to be given to the eyebrow is planned and drawn within the anatomical boundaries, taking into account the wishes of the patient.

Highlight: Naturalness
According to experts, the eyebrows start from the inner level of the eyelids and the outer edges of the eyelids are a few mm. It must continue to slide out. Observing anatomical boundaries is of great importance in order not to result in disappointment and to make the transplanted eyebrows look natural.
10-15 Degree Angle Matters!
The roots taken from the nape area should be placed in a certain angle and direction in the area where they will be transplanted. The angle and direction of the eyebrows are arranged in different directions and at different angles in 3 different regions of the eyebrow.

Hair roots usually come out of our skin at an angle of 45 degrees. Our eyebrows, on the other hand, emerge from the skin at an angle of about 10-15 degrees, which can be considered parallel to our skin, and takes a shape that is upward in the inner part of the eyebrow, parallel to the ground as it comes to the middle, and slightly downward on the outer part of the eyebrow.
Eyebrow transplantation operation is done with the logic of FUE hair transplantation . Eyebrow transplantation, which takes 1.5-2 hours, is performed under local anesthesia. The patient is discharged after the operation.
Eyebrow transplantation today, work tomorrow
 Up to 1 week, very small pinhead-sized crusts occur in the transplantation area. Since these scabs will shed, the patient can often return to his daily work and social life without being known.

 After Transplanting Eyebrows
It is necessary to avoid swimming, sauna, solarium, Turkish bath, hot sun and heavy sports for 15 days. The transplanted eyebrows begin to grow after 3 months and take their final shape by completing their emergence within 7-8 months. 
First 1 Year Important
 In the first year, eyebrows can grow as fast as hair, as they will show the characteristics of the area they are taken from. The ends need to be trimmed with 15-day intervals. After 1 year, as the eyebrows begin to acquire the characteristics of the place where they are transplanted, their elongation speed slows down and the need for correction by cutting this decreases gradually. 
Very Popular in Turkey
 Eyebrow transplantation in Turkey from the mind of the first famous float Ebru, is known for his thick eyebrows.

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