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Answered on 03 May 2019
Answer: Hi, after the rhinoplasty, some skins may increase the fat. Thanks See Answer
Answered on 11 June 2019
Answer: Hi, it is not possible to provide full symmetry, but the right eye can be slightly reduced. See Answer
Answered on 12 June 2019
Answer: Hello, there are treatments for these problems. we decide which one is appropriate. See Answer
Answered on 12 June 2019
Answer: no age restrictions See Answer
Answered on 14 June 2019
Answer: Hello, you can operate in the state hospital as you say. Belt and size remains. See Answer
Answered on 02 July 2019
Answer: hello, it is not right to say anything without examination. See Answer
Answered on 18 July 2019
Answer: There are products for this but you need to be under the control of your own doctor See Answer