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Answered on 10 September 2020
Answer: The nose is big and the projection is too long.I think the chin is not too far behind.I would sugges... See Answer
Answered on 14 September 2020
Answer: Hello, especially the reason for the whistling sound may be due to the hole in the middle curtain du... See Answer
Answered on 13 October 2020
Answer: Both surgeries can be done together, of course, apart from that, you can talk to the physician that... See Answer
Answered on 14 January 2021
Answer: Hello, there is a serious curvature in the nasal axis and weakness in the front support. Of course,... See Answer
Answered on 27 January 2021
Answer: Hello, rhinoplasty surgery is the solution for low nasal tip. A permanent improvement can be achieve... See Answer
Answered on 24 April 2021
Answer: Hello, get well soon. If the septum has been tampered with, the middle roof has collapsed and the bo... See Answer